There was no giant crystal ball at AnDevCon, but here are some of the best guesses and tips for the coming decade from some very smart, well-informed observers. Operating systems may have consolidated, but devices will continue to proliferate. Embedded will change the face of mobile in every area of life and business, opening up whole new ways to boost profits. 2013 may be the year the Internet of things gets recognized as a mainstream reality.

No matter what security measures you take, you must be constantly vigilant for emerging threats. Every innovative security solution is like a gauntlet flung in the faces of hackers. Don't let the amazing tools in your mobile application become weapons used against you. Secure mobile applications before security becomes a problem.

There's apparently no ceiling on how much people will spend on imaginary consumables with in-app purchasing. If you build it, they will splurge.

Mobile and server-side developers need to get on the same page and overcome their cultural differences if they want to make Android really sing. Right now, mobile devices lack the processing power to really crank through enterprise applications. The client-side app and the server-side applications will need to move together better.

In a few years, users will think today's fastest devices are snail-slow. Be prepared to write ever faster code if you want to keep up with their expectations. In other words, even as the devices change, many of the problems facing developers won't. That's why we'll be sure to keep you apprised of what's happening at the world's top developer conferences in 2013.

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