SAP recommends WebSphere to its 13000 customers.


News: SAP recommends WebSphere to its 13000 customers.

  1. SAP seem to have thrown their weight behind IBM and IBM WebSphere according this press release just announced. It extends a long running partnership between SAP and IBM.

    Click here for the yahoo article.
  2. It is nice step taken by SAP.. Finding IBM as a business alliance definetly give breakthrough to SAP.
  3. Probably did this to catch up with the application server platform because SAP's Web Application Server is a little behind the times at the moment.
  4. I just wonder how this fits into their strategy. They are the owners of InQMy as well. I'm really curious which solution they will prefer when the InQMy server gets GA this year.
  5. If you read the article you will find this comment:

    "SAP does not currently endorse BEA's software, although SAP's Stephan Rossius, worldwide vice president of alliances told Reuters the deal with IBM was not exclusive and that SAP would support whatever software its customers required."

    That was always SAP's politics about this: Offer support for whatever server the customer wants. This way there are lots of, including In-Q-My Application Server, which is made by a 100% affiliate of SAP.
  6. NOT! This is not a recommendation for SAP customers, this is support for one of the servers in the market and therefore recommendation to websphere users to use SAP software.

    Or anyway whoever likes websphere with sapmarkets...