We are running  a  free Webinar on February 27th 2013 at 11 AM ET with Forrester Research.  The topic is:

Monitoring Application Performance for Compliance with Dodd-Frank 

Register here:  http://www.nastel.com/dodd-frank-webinar.html


Dodd-Frank regulations were enacted to ensure improved transparency and accountability for trade execution and reporting. However, this challenges the business and IT to deliver greater visibility and be able to course correct problems within very small time windows.

Attend the Webinar to learn how:

  1. Business can monitor Dodd-Frank compliance in real-time, tracking USI, CounterParty, Asset Class, Execution Time and all essential trade details
  2. Business can interactively search trades by any combination of fields and conditions
  3. Transactions and messages can be automatically “stitched” together to represent end-to-end trades
  4. Ensure that trades are completed on-time, and outages are reduced in frequency and duration

Register here:  http://www.nastel.com/dodd-frank-webinar.html

Hope to see you at the webinar.