FishCAT: GlassFish 4 Community Acceptance Testing


News: FishCAT: GlassFish 4 Community Acceptance Testing

  1. GlassFish 4 is under development now and will be released along with Java EE 7 in a few months. We need your help in testing the  nightly and promoted builds of GlassFish. This is an opportunity  to significantly influence the quality of GlassFish as well as to  provide early feedback on stability, functionality, and usability  through testing early builds. The complete list of features and the lightweight process to join FishCAT is explained here.Any amount of testing is helpful. It can be anywhere from 1 hour/week to  as much time as you can spare. You can help test installation, docs, new  functionality, running your existing applications on the latest build,  or any thing else that would make you successful on GlassFish in the near future. Bugs  filed by FishCAT participants will be evaluated ahead of other bugs. And  there is a potential to be highlighted on, during the official Java EE launch and elsewhere.26 people have already signed up and 35 bugs have been filed so far.You know your voice is important to us, so please do make yourself heard.

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