ZK Studio is a free visual IDE providing intuitive tools that span the entire application development lifecycle. It is the easiest way to create a new project. The new project wizard guides developers through creating ZK projects step by step, making it exceptionally easy to choose the project name, ZK version and target runtime.

In ZK Studio 2.0, the ZUL editor introduces an exceptionally powerful feature providing content assistance for both the MVC and MVVM patterns. This saves developers time reducing their burdens in memorizing various APIs and syntaxes by popping up context-aware proposals to be chosen for inserting elements when typing in ZUL editor increasing efficiency and improving user experience.

Additionally, the ZUL editor provides advanced syntax checking for ZScript as well as data binding expressions thus increasing a developer’s productivity. Incorporated into this is the ability to mark tokens throughout the applications, by marking a token it will be shown in ZScript, tags and data binding expressions.

On the other hand, the component palette provides developers with a list of the components available in ZK and they can be dragged and dropped onto the ZUL editor directly enabling developers to build their user interfaces quickly and efficiently.

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