Alachisoft has released JvCache, a 100% Native Java implementation of its popular product NCache. JvCache is an extremely fast and scalable in-memory data grid and distributed cache for mission critical Java applications with real-time data access needs.

JvCache was developed from the source code of NCache, industry’s leading .NET distributed cache. As a result, JvCache encompasses 8 years of product maturity and stability of NCache in it. JvCache provides a much needed powerful Java distributed cache that is also easy to use. JvCache provides centralized GUI based administration and monitoring. And, JvCache is very affordable.

JvCache is an elastic cache with self-healing dynamic cache cluster. It also provides a rich set of caching topologies including Mirrored, Replicated, Partitioned, and Client Cache. JvCache also provides a lot of powerful features including cache synchronization with relational databases, data relationship management through Cache Dependency, read-through and write-through, Object Query Language (OQL) based searching, and much more.

Some of the important features of JvCache are:

- Self-healing dynamic cache cluster for high availability
- Mirrored, Replicated, Partitioned, and Client Cache topologies
- Synchronize cache with relational databases (SQL/Oracle/OLEDB)
- Use with Hibernate and Spring
- Powerful GUI based admin & monitoring tools
- Much more...

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