Project Avatar to simplify REST, WebSockets and Server-Sent Events


News: Project Avatar to simplify REST, WebSockets and Server-Sent Events

  1. At JavaOne 2013, Cameron Purdy announced that Project Avatar, "a JavaScript services layer zeroed in on supporting REST, WebSockets and Server-Sent Events, and a rich client side framework that assumes very minor JavaScript knowledge" was finally ready to go mainstream, with the project being open-sourced and made available to the enterprise Java community.

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    Project Avatar brings HTML5 and thin server architectures to Java EE 7

    Learn more about the Project Atatar here:

  2. Javascript?


    I was trying to get away from it......

  3. I'm not sure if they're overstating the role of JavaScript to make it sound hip and modern. My understanding is that Avatar will appeal to enterprise developers, which means Java. Here's what the docs say:

    "JavaScript services are not a replacement for Java based implementations; instead, they are an additional choice in which services can be entirely JavaScript or layered to utilize existing Java libraries. Pure Java services also work well with Avatar clients."

    On the same page it says:

    "An application 'archive' is deployed on the server and is compiled to generate JavaScript tailored to the application."

    That sounds a bit like what GWT does, compiling Java code into JavaScript? But it might just be some helper code to work with JSON and data binding. Will have to play with it a bit before I can make any difinitive statements about it.

  4. It's already been done.[ Go to top ]

    ZK is the standard for this type of framework. Even better than GWT.