Earlier this year, Pivotal created a new connector that lets you send and consume messages using Spring’s battle tested JmsTemplate and the JMS API with open source RabbitMQ as your AMQP broker, however it was noted at SpringOne2GX this year that several Spring shops wanted this support and wanted an example program to accelerate their adoption of it. By the second day, one Greg Turnquist, from Pivotal's Spring team had written a sample application that is now publicly available.

You can download it on just about any platform. Some even have installers (like brew install rabbitmq on the Mac, and sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server on Ubuntu Linux).

If you like the JMS API, this connector can let you migrate to using RabbitMQ’s message broker without having to alter the rest of your application.

This connector also affords you the option to seamlessly migrate towards AMQP messaging with Rabbit by first switching to RabbitMQ as a broker, and later updating your code using Spring AMQP.

If you’re new to Spring JMS and JmsTemplate, please check out the sample code and instructions on Greg's blog.