Last week, Azul Systems went live with Zulu Enterprise - a spanking new commercialised and fully supported version of OpenJDK. Here, CEO Scott Sellers explains what motivated Azul to create this offering, and why he feels it’s more than a match for the mighty Oracle.

JAX: What are the biggest problems you are looking to solve with this release?

Sellers: First pain point: Our customers want to have a choice in enterprise Java support. (Having only one vendor is problematic, now they have better-quality, lower-cost options.)

Second pain point - price. Azul's support offerings are much more cost-effective than those offered by Oracle.

Third pain point: Enterprises also feel rushed by Java's rapid end-of-life of older versions. They want to upgrade their Java-based applications on their schedule. With Zulu Enterprise we support major Java versions (Java 6 and later) for up to 10 years.

Our customers also want reassurance that their target platforms (OS, kernel plus Java) are tested to help eliminate the edge cases that can disrupt operations when components change.

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