Tools and Technologies used in this article :

  1. Apache Hadoop 2.2.0

  2. Windows 7 OS

  3. JDK 1.6


1. Install Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 in Microsoft Windows OS

If Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 is not already installed then follow the post Build, Install, Configure and Run Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 in Microsoft Windows OS.


2. Start HDFS (Namenode and Datanode) and YARN (Resource Manager and Node Manager)

Run following commands.

Command Prompt ?1234C:\Users\abhijitg>cd c:\hadoopc:\hadoop>sbin\start-dfsc:\hadoop>sbin\start-yarnstarting yarn daemons

Namenode, Datanode, Resource Manager and Node Manager will be started in few minutes and ready to execute Hadoop MapReduce job in the Single Node (pseudo-distributed mode) cluster.


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