Java memory leak detectives Plumbr take pride in their software’s ability to get deep down into the darkest, dankest recesses of any system. Or so they thought. In their latest blog post, Ivo Mägi describes how, over the past few months, the company has encountered a sudden increase in user/ product friction.

With sleuthing encoded into the DNA of the business, it wasn’t long before they deduced the “staggering” conclusion: a failure on the part of Plumbr to recognise and react to a shift in their audience from developers to ops had resulted in a failure to truly engage with end-users.

Indeed, it was as if, “someone had deliberately designed certain aspects of our service with “getting even with the operations” in mind.”  

Characteristically, the system monitors were open about their failings - but we don’t doubt for a second that their mistakes aren’t being replicated at countless other B2B software companies. For this reason, Plumblr decided to publish their findings in full. We’ve picked out some key examples of flawed logic  - are you guilty of any of these?:

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