Georges Saab on Java 8 and the goal of “creating a scalable and modular platform”


News: Georges Saab on Java 8 and the goal of “creating a scalable and modular platform”

  1. JAX: How many engineers/developers were involved in putting together the Java 8 release?

    Saab: Putting together a major release like Java SE 8 is a huge community effort that extends beyond the boundaries a single company or organization. That makes it very hard to answer a question like that with definitive precision.

    For example, at Oracle, the Java platform is developed at locations across the globe by hundreds of engineers. In fact, we are currently looking for additional people in places like Stockholm, Santa Clara or St. Petersburg. You can find out more about that at

    Beside the significant amount of work from engineers employed by companies like Oracle or IBM, the thriving OpenJDK community has received major contributions for JDK 8 from a number of researchers like Michael Ernst from the University of Washington, and strong individual contributors, like Stephen Colebourne. Michael and Stephen have contributed some of the major features in the new release with their work on the implementations and their leadership of JSRs 308 (Type Annotations) and 310 (Date and Time API) respectively. Last but not least, Doug Lea and his team have again contributed a number of significant concurrency updates to this release.

    Going even further, the release wouldn’t be as polished as it is without the many Java developers, who were testing JDK 8 Early Access builds early on, and those providing substantial feedback on the new features, thanks largely to organized community-led efforts like Adopt A JSR and Adopt OpenJDK.

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  2. I have a few use cases that would benefit from being able to spin up a "web browser" from within Java.


    John Dale, MS MIS