Apache Hadoop Development Tools (HDT) is still in development phase. So, no official distribution of Hadoop 2.2.0 Eclipse Plugin is available now. But we can build the same using winghc/hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin. In this post, we'll build, install and configure the plugin with the Eclipse or any Eclipse based IDE (say, Spring Tool Suite) to ease the development activities using Hadoop framework.

The Hadoop Development Tools (HDT) is a set of plugins for the Eclipse IDE for developing against the Hadoop platform.

Currently we are in the process of porting the existing MapReduce tools from the Apache Hadoop project to allow working with multiple versions of Hadoop from within one IDE.

Come get involved as we move towards our first release!

This project is currently a member of the Apache Incubator, so check back for updates, or come join us dev at hdt dot incubator dot apache dot org.

Tools and Technologies used in this article :

  1. Apache Hadoop 2.2.0

  2. Spring Tool Suite 3.5.0

  3. Windows 7 OS

  4. JDK 1.6

  5. Apache Ant


1. Download

Download winghc/hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin zip.


2. Extract

Extract to a local directory (say, 'C:\hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin').


3. Build

  1. Open '<hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-directory>\src\contrib\eclipse-plugin' in the Command prompt.

    C:\>cd C:\hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin\src\contrib\eclipse-plugin
  2. Run ANT build


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