A personal message by ZeroTurnaround founder and CEO, Jevgeni Kabanov, describes how, just a year ago, the concept behind XRebel was born during a boring conference session in Las Vegas. What happened after that was a continuous 12 months of secret development on what would become a new type of interactive Java profiler.

In the words of ZeroTurnaround:

"XRebel is an always-on, interactive profiler that runs with your web app and displays alerts in your browser when it discovers issues. XRebel provides a realtime insight into your application performance metrics and issues while you code."

See, the problem with traditional Java profilers is that it takes dedicated sessions with subject matter experts to get to the bottom of issues that arise. XRebel changes the game by enabling basically anyone in the development team to quickly detect and prevent performance issues that will occur in production all while the code is still being written.

So where does XRebel look for issues? After discussing the problem space with hundreds of early testers, the 3 problems mentioned most often are:

  1. Database issues and rogue SQL - offending methods, n+1 queries, ORM config issues (i.e. Hibernate)

  2. HTTP session issues - session bloat, root cause problems, session changes

  3. Hidden exceptions - all hidden exceptions that could really cause headaches in production, even if runtime is allowing them for now

An early customer in Finland, Petri Tuomaala (CTO of Elbit Oy), wrote us:

"We found some very interesting side-effects right away. The worst of those was some badly coded Hibernate which would generate over 700 database queries on some pages. We also found some surprisingly slow SQL, which should not have been that slow. The JSF memory footprint was a bad surprise – some beans were in the session that shouldn’t have been there.?

In any case, XRebel is free to use for two weeks, and a massive 60% discount is in effect until July 12. To take advantage of that, you can visit here: https://zeroturnaround.com/software/xrebel/buy/