Sybase announces EAServer 4.0 with J2EE 1.3 support


News: Sybase announces EAServer 4.0 with J2EE 1.3 support

  1. Sybase today announced the general availability of Sybase EAServer 4.0 with full support for J2EE 1.3, EJB 2.0, J2EE Connector Architecture, an integrated JSP/Servlet engine, support for linux, JMS, Web server plug-ins, and more.

    Press Release
    SAN DIEGO, SYBASE TECHWAVE CONFERENCE, Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In keeping with its commitment to continually enhance its highly popular EAServer offering, b
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    EAServer 4.0 will continue to support the major standards for component deployment, including CORBA 2.3, COM, and PowerBuilder®, along with J2EE Connector Architecture API. Sybase is enhancing its robust Messaging Service by exposing the JMS API in addition to the proprietary interface to give users a standards-based, guaranteed message delivery system.

    The new version of EAServer will also handle JavaServer Pages(TM) (JSP) and Servlet requests from the users Web server automatically without requiring a third-party JSP/Servlet engine or a change of Web server to help ensure users' Web sites are up 7 by 24. E-business application deployment is easy and reliable with the new unified install feature, allowing automatic deployment without end-user intervention. System administrators can monitor application servers in real-time with added JDMK API, reducing the need for additional software or coding.

    EAServer 4.0 now supports the Linux platform, and along with versions for Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM-AIX, gives developers a wide array of e-business platforms on which to develop Web applications.

    ''EAServer 4.0 further shows we can integrate and Web-enable virtually any application in your enterprise faster and easier. We are proud to continue to offer an even better EAServer product to suit every organization's specific needs,'' said Rick Adam, senior vice president and general manager of Sybase's e-Business Division. ''With this new version of EAServer, Sybase continues its commitment to working with the latest J2EE technology.''

    ''Sybase EA Server 4.0 is perfect for organizations requiring an enterprise class core application server that leverages existing heterogeneous web components and applications,'' said Tyler McDaniel, Director, Hurwitz Group. ''This product comprehensively supports open industry standards for A2A, B2B and B2C.''

    Sybase EAServer 4.0 provides an e-Business application development and deployment environment that enables connectivity to the enterprise via enterprise application integration (EAI) as well as B2B process integration. Partner applications can leverage many of EAServer's integrated technology elements.

    ''Sybase's EAServer 4.0 is allowing us to move our product to the Web quickly while leveraging our existing systems,'' said Marc Lennox, manager of strategic technology at Mxi Technologies Ltd., developers of Maintenix, a software product for aviation maintenance management in the aerospace and defense vertical markets. ''Had we gone with another solution, we would have had to stop our production development for two years and build from scratch the infrastructure that EAServer 4.0 gives us; smooth transition to the Web architecture that allows us to concentrate on servicing our customers needs and beat our competitors to market,'' said Lennox.

    ''EAServer has exceeded our expectations with respect to robustness, speed and scalability,'' says Paul Murray, vice president of Genisys Reservation Systems, a leading developer of software solutions for the travel industry. ''The market places heavy demands on Genisys to provide advanced booking tools with real-time access to our leading travel provider partners. We're excited to see that EAServer is growing along the very areas that we will benefit from most: more speed, better scalability, improved reliability, high availability and new features like the XML Adapter integration.''

    EAServer 4.0 provides enhanced support for core J2EE technologies, including Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) (EJB), Java Servlets, Java Naming and Directory Interface(TM) (JNDI), Java Transaction Service (JTS) and Java Transaction API (JTA), and Java Database Connectivity(TM) 2.0 technology (JDBC). In addition, EAServer 4.0 provides seamless support for virtually any type of client including CORBA, XML, HTML, DHTML, any ActiveX client, C and C++, and PowerBuilder®.

    Future releases will expose EAServer components as Web services, providing even more enhanced B2Bi business solutions.

    Pricing and Availability

    EAServer 4.0 is expected to ship during the third quarter. The product is packaged in three editions: Small Business Edition, Advanced Edition and Enterprise Edition. Sybase makes the Developers Edition available for free to engineers and programmers who are looking to develop a completely open and fully comprehensive platform using EAServer. Deployment pricing starts at $7,500. More information is available at .

    About EAServer

    EAServer is a highly scalable, robust Web application server for e-Portal and Internet business solutions. It offers customers a single point of integration for heterogeneous back-end systems, extending customer business processes to the Web within a secure, reliable environment. EAServer is one of the most flexible, open application servers on the market. In addition to being one of the first application servers to earn J2EE(TM) certification for Windows NT® and Solaris(TM), EAServer supports major component models (CORBA, ActiveX/COM, EJB, Java, and PowerBuilder®), major programming languages (Java, C/C++, Visual Basic, and PowerBuilder®), and more than 30 databases. EAServer is the application server that powers the Sybase Enterprise Portal (EP) and the Sybase wireless component, iAnywhere(TM) Wireless Server. For more information on EAServer visit:

    About Sybase, Inc.

    Sybase provides enterprise-class software solutions that fuel e-Business and enable access to information anytime, anyplace. With its industry-leading Enterprise Portal (EP), mobile and wireless, and vertical market solutions, Sybase is one of the largest global independent software companies in the world. For more information, visit the Sybase Web site: .

  2. Floyd, where did you find this announcement?

    - The link to newscom leads nowhere
    - Sybase's Web site doesn't say anything about it
    - The PR you cite never mentions the version of J2EE (I strongly doubt it 1.3)

    Leadership with J2EE; first to market J2EE 1.3
  4. Leadership with J2EE; first to market J2EE 1.3 :-)

    How did Sybase become first to market J2EE1.3?

    Wls6.1 released before EAServer4.0 has support for every J2EE1.3 Component that EAServer boosts.
  5. last I heard EAS 4.0 wasn't due till late Q3 ..
    boy this story was a suprise!

    The sybase web site certainly doesn't have any obvious 4.0 headlines. The newsgroups do, however have a muttering along the lines of "next week".

    Last time theserverside had anything on EAS, it was a flowery review of 3.6.1 before it had been released :P

  6. How can it have full support for J2EE 1.3 when 1.3 hasn't been finalised yet? Or have I missed an announcement? According to, J2EE 1.3 is currently in proposed final draft 4 stage.
  7. Cedric,

      The news came from here:

      Note that full support doesn't mean 'compliant', with J2EE 1.3. This announcement is obviously premature, a classic example of a vendor announcing a product that isn't shippinhg yet. It is likely that the product will be shipping within a couple of weeks.

      My bad though, I should have called up their product manager and confirmed the shipping date like I usually do
    (as per the recent persistence release).

  8. Sybase announced at TechWave that EAServer 4.0's planned ship date is mid-September. We've been beta testing it for the last several months and are very impressed with its feature set.

    Steve Finck
    Corporate Technology Partners