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    hello ,

    how to configure the apache server,where to put my html and servlet files in apache server.some one explain detail apache server to me from configuration.. and what url name we have to give in similiar way if u are using javawebserver as http://ipaddress:8080/servlet/servletname

    thanx in advance
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    Under the Apache directory(ie ,the name for the direstory where all the webserver files are located.) there will be directory called "conf".
    Inside that you can find httpd.conf.
    Open the file in any text editor.
    Look for Port.
    Normally it will have Port 80.
    That number is the port on which the web server is listening.
    Search for DocumentRoot.It will have some directory name .There you have to put your html files.
    Then your url becomes
    http://localhost/xyz.html(if you are accessing the page from the same machine as the web server and the port is 80).
    Otherwise you have to use
    http://ip address:port/xyz.html.

    as far as I know Apache doesnot provide any servlet engine.
    You have to download a servlet engine(TOmcat,jrun etc) and configure it for servlet and jsp.