SilverStream has announced the two cornerstones of the eXtend product suite, eXtend Director 3.0 and eXtend Composer 3.0, are now available in beta. Additionally, SilverStream announced an OEM agreement with Autonomy that will embed Autonomy's technology in eXtend Director's content management subsystem.

Autonomy will enable computers to automatically analyze and rank concepts within unstructured information -- including email, voicemail, Web pages and word documents -- so that it can be categorized, linked to related information and delivered to the appropriate person.

SilverStream eXtend Composer 3.0 (eXtend Composer) creates Web-enabled business functions from new or existing enterprise information sources into standards-based Web
Services. SilverStream eXtend Director 3.0 (eXtend Director) consumes Web Services and delivers them in a relevant way to any system and any user on any device.

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