How to have a SOAP client access a SESSION BEAN directly


XML & Web services: How to have a SOAP client access a SESSION BEAN directly

  1. Hello there!

    We have a session bean deployed on WebLogic 6.0.
    Apache SOAP ver. 2.2 is also installed with WebLogic 6.0 on the server.

    Now we need clients access the methods of a certain session
    bean on the server.
    Right now we have a simple Java class installed outside of WebLogic and this class acts as a client, which looks up the
    session bean on WebLogic.

    Is there a way to access the session bean directly via SOAP,
    so that we don't need another java class in between?
    (Can the SOAP RPC-Router direct a call straight to a session bean?)

    Any help here would be very much appreciated!

    Thank you!

  2. greg,

    u would need to SOAP enable ur session beans. what it essentially means is that u need to have a wrapper around ur session beans which takes in a SOAP request and translates that request into ejb method call. now since u have already installed Apache SOAP, it should provide the intermediate layer of translating SOAP calls into binary method calls. though i am not sure whether SOAP apache does any translation of SOAP calls into ejb calls.

    i think weblogic 6.1 does that wrapping for u, again i m not sure.

    essentially what these SOAP wrapper/middleware do is that they give u a standard servlet to which u make SOAP requests on the HTTP protocol and translate that call into binary method call (RMI/EJB etc) and return the results back in the XML format.

    hope this helps