Sun and Allies Launch Internet Authentication Initiative


News: Sun and Allies Launch Internet Authentication Initiative

  1. Sun and about 30 allies today launched an alliance to manage authentication and identity on the Internet and in offline businesses, which will compete with Microsoft Passport and Hailstorm.

    Passport is, at least for now, an Internet-centered service, while Liberty could be used in a wide range of services: PCs, cell phones, TVs, cars, credit cards, and point-of-sale terminals.
    Another difference between Passport and the Liberty Alliance: Passport actually exists, with 165 million accounts, according to Microsoft. The Liberty Alliance is still in the planning stages.

    Sun and Allies Launch Internet Authentication Initiative.

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  2. Floyd,
     I use Passport not because I wanted to use it.
     I was forced by M$ monopoly to use it. I would glad to use Liberty.

  3.    Mettu, you bring up a good point. How were you forced to use it?

       You gotta love the name 'liberty', it has so many anti-MS connotations its not funny. :)

  4. Can you clarify why you were "forced" to use Passport? Everyone I know who uses Passport uses it of their own free will. I would have to assume they do so because it provides a significant value back which they find worth the investment.

    Dave Wolf
  5. I am in the List of "165 million" because I signed up for Hotmail(which created PassPort account automatically).

    Everytime I use my Hotmail account, I am automatically using PassPort.

  6. Don't use hotmail, nobody forced you use this, you can use yahoo, netscape atc. mail
  7. Kumar,

    You "chose" to use Hotmail. Therefore you "chose" to have a passport. If you don't believe this product gives you the best value and user experience simply don’t use the account.

    I see nothing nefarious.

    Dave Wolf
  8. Dave,

    perhaps not nefarious but definitely machinating.

  9. Dave,
     I chose to use Hotmail but not Passport. M$ did the samething they did with IE to kill netscape.
     Any way I no more use the Hotmail Account too. Also I want Mircosoft to use number "159,999,999" but not "160,000,000".

  10. Some people may choose to use Hotmail, but I had started to use Hotmail before Microsoft bought And then I am "forced" to use Passport everytime I use hotmail.
  11. When I downloaded an evaluation of MS SQLServer a few months ago, it was mandatory to have a Passport account to do so. Does that sound like a strategy for artificially inflating the number of Passport users ? I'm not sure what the "significant value back" is exactly, I haven't found out yet. Maybe having some of my personal data under the benevolent control of His Fordship William H. Gates ? Too bad for him that I lied in my profile :-)
  12. Don't evaluate, buy, or get free version from Oracle
  13. Its not mandatory to have a Passport account to use SQLServer. Its simply mandatory to have an email address (actually I believe you can activate via the phone too so you dont even need an email address). You can enter any email address. Is it easier to enter a passport? Maybe, but that to me shows more value vs cost and as a consumer you made that choice.

    MS is not "forcing" you to do it. And if you think "Liberty" wont use similar techniques you are being very very nieve.

    In the end the only question that matters is which solution will provide the best user experience.

    Dave Wolf
  14. Dave, please read my message carefully - I told you that, a few months ago, the *only* way to download an eval version of SQLServer was to have a Passport account (I believe MS has stepped back on this policy now). There was no legitimate reason for that, it was just a trick to inflate the number of Passport users, that's it.
    And no, an self-proclaimed "open" similar service would not be able to use the same kind of dirty little tricks without being discredited (at least for me). But that doesn't mean I would blindly trust them of course.
    Now, if you are willing to jeopardize your privacy for the best "user experience", then be my guest - or Bill's guest more exactly :-)
  15. Dave,

    It doesn't matter if users could or could not get around the MS tactics to fill in their Passport databases. What people are pointing out is that MS is showing artificially inflated numbers.

    From that perspective, Sun, Cisco, BofA... and all those guys could lump up their web site's login databases together and claim some ridiculously large number of Liberty account. Marketing marketing lies and marketing... you've seen it before.

    You claim that "the only question that matters is which solution will provide the best user experience". While this is an important factor, I think that there are other very important factors such as:

    + Security (in light of M$' frequent security problems)
    + Open standards
    + Good ol competition (when there's only one offering, there's not much progress).

    Best regards,
    -- Scoob
  16. Better solution exists - XNS[ Go to top ]

    The Liberty Project is the right idea, but it is vapor at the moment. They would do well to adopt an existing solution (which, by the way, is vastly superior to PassPort). That solution is XNS (