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    I think that i will be a great idea that people could post files with examples about the behaviour of things that they can try to explain.

    I'm a newbie in the J2EE world, and i need examples to test the things that people said and ¡¡i don't have time to write all tha code if i understan it¡¡

    Is an idea, i know that you can upload this code to your personal web and put a link in your message, but i think that with my idea it will be more easy and fast.


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    I agree. Often people have to cut and paste code into the message (making the thread extremely long.)

    It would be nice for them to simply attach a file. Keeps the thread shorter.

    Of course you may not want to get involved in the whole virus issue (as in what an uploaded file might do to the PC of the person who downloads it.)

    Would be a nice feature if the security could be sorted out though!


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    I never thought of attaching files to messages, thats an interesting idea. I will make sure investigate that one.

    I don't think security is an issue. After all you don't hold your ISP responsible if the email you get has viruses.


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    i'm very proud to have an idea that could help to newbies like me.

    I really love this Community, but sometime people post some ideas that are difficult to understand, and everything is more easy if newbies like me could read an example and practice with it.

    I think is "easy" to do, so i hope you consider my idea.

    Thanks Floyd.

    P.D.: Translate all to spanish, is posible??? jajaja.
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    Hi Floyd,

    I've done this in OpenUSS, so every students can upload a file to each discussion message and so the assistants. This works great. But becareful you have to make a limit to each attached file. So nobody will upload a 100MB file! ;-) I haven't done this restriction in OpenUSS, but OpenUSS does not have such a huge load like TheServerSide ;-)

    Best regards,