The Mind Electric releases Electric XML+ 3 and new Glue


News: The Mind Electric releases Electric XML+ 3 and new Glue

  1. The Mind Electric release of its open source XML parsing toolkit, Electric XML+ 3.0 performs bi-directional Java-XML SOAP serialization at over 10 times the speed of Apache Xerces/JDOM. The company has also posted an update to its Web services integration kit, Glue, which, as the name would imply, now handles attachements.

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  2. Is the parser conform to JAXP?
  3. From the API published, it does not seem to to follow JAXP.

  4. It does not support any standard XML APIs.
  5. Maybe but this is a fabulous parser !! I work on an application that must manipulate big XML files (between 25 and 50Mb) and I must say that working with ElectricXML is a pleasure ! I used to work with Xerces in the past so I can compare the two libs. Xerces is standard and more complete but ElectricXML is really fast and easy to use ! Have you seen how it handle XPath ?

    My conclusions are : if my application must expose his XML API, I work with standard (XAS/DOM, ...), if my application use only XML internally (no XML API exposed) I use ElectricXML.