SpiritSoft, the leader in open framework JMS, today announced the general availability of SpiritWave 5.0 with multi-plug messaging that integrates any proprietary legacy message oriented middleware (MOM) system.

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ScreamingMedia, Business Wire

BOSTON, Oct 23, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- SpiritSoft, the leader in open framework JMS, today announced the general availability of SpiritWave 5.0 with multi-plug messaging that integrates any proprietary legacy message oriented middleware (MOM) system. These multi-plug drivers enable easier development of distributed systems by neutralizing the dependency on vendor-specific interfaces and by managing these proprietary MOM systems so IT managers don't have to.

Most multi-site or globally dispersed enterprises use at least two different proprietary messaging systems making business integration expensive and complex. SpiritWave's multi-plug messaging provides drivers for all adopted legacy MOM systems, decoupling the application from the underlying middleware. This connectivity enables IT architects to build robust, flexible and future-proofed applications that leverage and integrate existing MOM systems and reuse their functionality over the Internet. SpiritWave 5.0 includes drivers for all leading proprietary MOM products such as IBM MQSeries, MSMQ, Tibco Rendezvous, and Tibco ETX.

"The Internet has blown apart the rigid, closed world of traditional messaging, and left the potential for chaos in its wake," said Kevin Gibbs, CEO of SpiritSoft. "Proprietary systems, vendor-specific interfaces and platform restrictions have created a `messaging spaghetti' that prevents companies from even sharing information successfully -- let alone moving into new markets or changing business models. SpiritWave neutralizes this problem, enabling companies to integrate business operations and reduce the time, cost and complexity of implementing new business strategies such as B2B or 24/7 service."

SpiritWave's multi-plug drivers reduce the total cost of ownership of an enterprise messaging system by managing proprietary MOM interfaces automatically. Because it is open and standards-based, SpiritWAVE decreases the time to deployment, leverages existing investments and decreases current and future operational risk by removing vendor lock-in.

SpiritJMQ, a component within SpiritWave, is the most robust pure Java enterprise message server on the market today. It has been engineered for exceptionally high performance and reliability. SpiritJMQ can run within a J2EE or J2SE environment and supports leading platforms including Windows NT and 2000, Solaris, AIX and VxWorks. In combination with SpiritWave, SpiritJMQ provides a complete, compliant implementation of the JMS 1.0.2 API, supporting all mandatory and optional features.

SpiritWave 5.0 Features: --Unrivalled driver support for leading 3rd party MOMs including MQSeries, Tibco Rendezvous and ETX, MSMQ and WebMethods --Full JMS implementation, including pub/sub and point-to-point, dynamic destinations --Java™ 2 Platform Enterprise Edition - J2EE™ - license and JMS compliance --XA support for distributed transactions --JMS extensions - including XML messages, content based selectors using SQL92 or XPATH, plug and play transformers, topic hierarchies, subscription notification and message inbox --Hierarchical daemon clustering for massive scalability - supporting transparent load balancing, fault tolerance and automatic recovery --Internet support - including HTTP tunnelling, SSL security --SpiritLite client for applets and mobile --Multicast driver for server-less operation --Plug and play support for message storage, transformations, and management

--Simplified administration and remote daemon management --Distributed JNDI support About SpiritSoft SpiritSoft develops open-standard enterprise messaging-based technologies and tools that enable dynamic business interactions across diverse applications and devices. The company's SpiritArchitecture is the only complete integration platform that meets the challenges of building, deploying and managing distributed systems. SpiritSoft's open, standards-based approach leverages Java Messaging Service (JMS) and XML technologies to enable users to seamlessly integrate with legacy technologies and any proprietary middleware, delivering platform-independent multi-plug messaging, multi-channel delivery and dynamic event management. SpiritSoft's technology ensures that the right information is delivered to the right place at the right time.

SpiritSoft is privately held and based in Boston, Mass., with offices in New York and its European HQ in London, UK. Founded in 1997, SpiritSoft is funded in part by Reuters Greenhouse Fund and Catalyst Fund. Key customers include Instinet, LogicWorx, Market Data Corporation, MatrixOne, Opentrade, Persistence, Prebon Yamane, Reuters, Sungard, Tullet & Tokyo and Vantra. More information is available at www.spirit-soft.com