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    Lintec Solution GmbH (http://www.lintec-solution.de) just released the jBear(r) Suite - an abstract architecture-driven framework for rapid development of distributed corporate applications based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition(tm) platform. It consists of jBear(r) Design Tools and jBear(r) Business Logic Server.

    jBear(r) Design Tools is a complete set to support full development cycle. In addition to usual structure modeling and GUI design tools it also includes innovative Process Design Tool that allows you to visually model your business process workflows instead of programming. Process visualization capabilities included allowing you to navigate through the processes of an application and discover its functionality in dynamic.

    jBear(r) Business Logic Server is a next generation runtime environment for the business knowledge. It runs inside J2EE(tm) application server and provides:

    -execution of business knowledge that is not programmed but modeled;
    -automatic deployment of entity business objects and processes inside EJB(tm) containers in application server;
    -automatic solution of problems of incorrect multi-tier design that may impact to application performance;
    -automatic convertion of business knowledge into "coarse-grained" EJB(tm);
    -automatic client-side application in a range of presentation technologies: Java(tm) Applet(tm), HTML, WAP, etc.

    Trial is available to download from the web site at http://www.lintec-solution.de

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    It's funny to see how these companinies use huge number of buzzwords to market "simple" worklflow engine.

    Take a look at true research on worklflows

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    Dear Giedrius Trumpickas,

    Thank you for your short review. It's very pleasant to know that 3-year practical experience of 20 programmers development team can be shortly characterized as "simple workflow engine". I can't believe that jBear Suite can be fully analyzed within one day just by reading high-level overview papers. jBear doesn't pretend to be full-featured workflow management system (however, it does include some of workflow modeling capabilities). jBear's purpose is different: it can help one to spend less time and resources to prototype and, if desired, get running J2EE application. I hope that community here may have some practical interest.

    PS: It was not my aim to advertise the product; it is not on a market now.
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    Ok maybe I'm wrong but ...

    But try to listen to your writings "abstract architecture-driven framework". Architecture driven framework? Abstract? So it have huge number of abstract classes? And what means architecture driven framework? So framework can be not "architecture driven"? Before writting such nonsense firt try to read it yourself.

    Hall of Fame:

    Wakesoft - Launches Out-of-the-Box J2EE Architecture
    jBear - created architecture driven framework