News: The Apache Wink project has released its first version

  1. The Apache Wink project has released its first version. Apache Wink is a simple yet solid framework for building RESTful Web services. It is comprised of a Server module and a Client module for developing and consuming RESTful Web services. The Apache Wink Server module is a complete implementation of the JAX-RS v1.0 specification. In addition to the core implementation, the Wink Server module provides a set of additional features that are designed to facilitate the development of RESTful Web services. The framework is easy to extend and to enrich with new functionality. The Apache Wink Client module provides functionality for consuming RESTful Web services. It makes extensive use of JAX-RS concepts, making it easy to use and enable code sharing between the client and the server. The initial code of the Wink project was developed and contributed to Apache by HP and IBM, they continue to take a major part in the development of Apache Wink, though this is the first release under the Apache brand. Wink reflects years of HP and IBM shared knowledge, development and experience in REST. The Apache Wink release can be downloaded manually or used with Maven: Server org.apache.wink wink-server 0.1-incubating Client org.apache.wink wink-client 0.1-incubating Additional links: Project web site Documentation Downloads
  2. Interesting project. Unfortunately neither the documentation nor the download link is working. Would be great if the website would be finished before the announcement at tss is posted. Looking forward to test the project. Bye, Torsten
  3. Thanks for the interest and feedback. The links should be fixed in the site deployment but the site isn't syncing to all the mirrors due to an infrastructure issue I believe. Hopefully that will be resolved soon. If you're okay with getting the documentation directly from SVN, you can try: http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/wink/site/trunk/src/site/resources/0.1/Apache_Wink_User_Guide.pdf Also, you can download the latest snapshot from the same download page: http://incubator.apache.org/wink/downloads.html which currently only contains minor differences between the first release. The snapshots also contain documentation.
  4. Unfortunately neither the documentation nor the download link is working.
    This seems to be a general Apache problem currently: http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archives/00001757.html
  5. Is there a side-by-side offerings comparison with Jersey ?
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    Apache CXF already has a certified JAX-RS implementation, why another? I just find it strange how Apache.org allows for competing projects as they don't really position themselves as a Sourceforge or Google Code. If I were Sergey or Dan I'd be pretty pissed. It just further solidifies my opinion that Apache.org is a horrible place to host an open source project. I apologize to the HP and IBM guys, I don't mean to pick on you. I'm just annoyed with Apache.org. -- Bill Burke JBoss/Red Hat http://bill.burkecentral.com http://jboss.org/resteasy
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    I just find it strange how Apache.org allows for competing projects
    I find it great that Apache allows for multiple competing projects and doesn't push users to one (often outdated) 'official Apache framework'. Otherwise they would have e.g. rejected Wicket to protect Struts or Tapestry. Argh!