News: Tiggzi: Cloud-based HTML5 And Hybrid Mobile App Builder Is Now Free!

  1. Tiggzi (http://tiggzi.com) is a cloud-based HTML5 and hybrid mobile app builder. Here is how it works:

    1. Build the UI with jQuery Mobile and HTML5
    2. Connect to any cloud-based REST API. Optionally, use any PhoneGap API
    3. Test the app instantly in browser (destktop or mobile) or on the actual device (as hybrid)
    4. Export the app as mobile Web, Android or iOS

    It's amazing how fast a real mobile app can be built and connected to any REST service. With the new Free plan, anyone now can build a mobile app.

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  2. Exciting News![ Go to top ]

    This is really exciting. With the advent of technolgy in today's generation, more and more people are putting their fate in technology and its an exciting news that there are still free in this world.


  3. Free Plan not really useful[ Go to top ]

    The limit of three screens in the free plan is not very useful. The price for the Pro plan is not very expensive though.

  4. re: Free Plan not really useful[ Go to top ]

    There is also Standard plan which is just $15/m. The speed with which you can build apps and connect to various REST API is just incredible -- that's the amazing value!