News: A different take on the late-night-programmer as a 'hero'

  1. Say what you will about the co-worker who stays up all night the evening before a project is due every time...some may call her a hero, others will say he creates the need to do this just to get the credit. What do you think? Also, how has load testing changed in the past 20 years? What are the major factors that impact application performance? And are you testing in Agile yet? If not, here's how to get there.

    Learn this and more: http://www.neotys.com/blog/neotys-testing-roundup-april-2013-issue-4/#

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  2. What's the point of this post? Who cares if your co-worker stays up all night? Everyone knows you reach the point of diminishing returns after so many hours anyway. And how does any of that relate to load testing or app performance?