How to create and delete GitLab projects by example

After a developer locally installs GitLab or signs up for a membership with the cloud-based offering, their first order of business will be to create a GitLab project. But developers can also delete a GitLab project if they choose.

Here we demonstrate how to easily create and delete GitLab projects.

Project facets

The project is the artifact through which GitLab organizes all the artifacts it provides. That not only includes the Git repository with which you create branches and tag code, but other DevOps tools including:

How to create a GitLab project

Fortunately, it’s relatively straightforward to create a GitLab project. Simply choose the New Project option under the Projects menu at the top of the screen and a one-page wizard will walk you through the process. Project attributes include:

Create GitLab Project Result

Create a GitLab project and various management options will appear.

When the required attributes are filled out, click the Create Project button and a variety of project management and DevOps tools will become available. The tool most central to continuous development and integration is the Git repository itself.

GitLab create project wizard

GitLab provides a project creation wizard.

Post GitLab project creation tasks

After the GitLab project is created, administrators and maintainers will typically want to:

  • Add users and assign privileges
  • Create branches to support GitFlow or your custom branch management strategy
  • Create continuous integration jobs
  • Configure workflow pipelines
  • Set up alerts
  • Make entries in the GitLab project Wiki

How to delete a GitLab project

Developers shouldn’t take it lightly when they delete a GitLab project. After an administrator deletes a GitLab project, all associated resources are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

To delete a GitLab project, click the Expand button in the Advanced section of the General Project Settings tab. The last option on the page is a red button that says Remove Project. Click this button and type in the name of the project to see all associated resources permanently deleted from the server.

The source code and sample project used for these examples can be found on the gitlab-made-easy project page on GitLab.

remove GitLab project delete

How to delete and remove a GitLab project

Check out this how to use GitLab tutorial to learn more.

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