Borland Announces Borland Software Platform for J2EE


News: Borland Announces Borland Software Platform for J2EE

  1. Borland today announced the Borland Software Platform for J2EE, both a rebudling of existing products and launching new versions of products. The platform consists of Borland Enterprise Studio for Java, Borland JBuilder IDE, Borland Enterprise Server in Web, VisiBroker and AppServer editions. Borland Enterprise Server supports J2EE 1.3, including EJB 2.0.

    Press Release
    SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 12, 2001-- Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq:BORL - news) today announced the Borland® Software Platform for J2EE(TM), a new technology solution designed to drive massive adoption of Java(TM) technologies by migrating Java development beyond ''power users'' to mainstream enterprise developers. The Borland Software Platform for Java(TM) 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) features substantial advances in development technologies and is poised to change deployment significantly with aggressively priced application servers and revolutionary ''Application Server Partitioning'' technology. Aiming to save the enterprise millions in deployment costs, the Borland Software Platform allows enterprises of all sizes to develop, deploy and integrate high performance applications in a completely ''stack'' agnostic environment. It also features support for industry standard Web Services. The new platform consists of:

    Borland Enterprise Studio for Java(TM), featuring Borland JBuilder(TM)
    Borland JBuilder(TM) 6 in Enterprise, Professional and Personal editions
    Borland Enterprise Server(TM) in Web, VisiBroker and AppServer editions

    ''Borland's strategy has always been to listen to our customers who want interoperability with support of multiple software architectures and complete compliance to industry standards. Our customers are also looking for best-in-class solutions that focus on ease of use, high performance and low total cost of ownership. The Borland Software Platform for J2EE is designed to do just that by enabling technology platforms for mainstream Java development and deployment,'' said Dale L. Fuller, president and CEO of Borland.

    According to the Meta Group, Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) (EJBs) are becoming the standard for development and deployment of complex enterprise applications and are expected to increase to 40 percent of total applications from their current share of 10 percent by 2003. With this predicted shift, Borland designed the latest versions of Borland Enterprise Studio for Java, JBuilder and Borland Enterprise Server to make application development and deployment easy for developers who need to move beyond the servlets, JSPs(TM) and JavaScripts® used to serve up Web pages, to the robust EJB(TM) application development and deployment required by more sophisticated applications.

    ''As the shift towards EJB-based applications continues to gain significant momentum, vendors who deliver productive, user-friendly development solutions will gain market share in the broader J2EE application server market,'' said Thomas Murphy, program director, Meta Group. ''The leading J2EE vendors will provide developers with a broad set of solutions that support multiple deployment platforms and that provide a richly integrated set of tools to boost productivity.''

    The new Borland Enterprise Server offers customers entry, mid and high-level application server products that are integrated and synchronized with all Borland development products. With this range of options, enterprises of all sizes can purchase high performance application servers at the lowest price. The AppServer edition is targeted to be the first J2EE 1.3 compliant application server and features a new ''partitioning'' technology that dramatically enhances the reliability, scalability and manageability of applications. This technology can support hundreds of applications running on a single server and aims to dramatically reduce the cost of hardware, application server licenses, database server requirements and application downtime.

    ''Cisco has successfully deployed large numbers of J2EE applications, many of which leverage the EJB technology of the Borland AppServer,'' said Chris Cottrell, Internet Architect at Cisco. ''Borland AppServer provides a run-time architecture suitable for deploying J2EE applications on a large scale with reliability, manageability and cost-effective use of hardware and software resources.''

    ''As an enterprise solutions provider we were looking for robust, stable, J2EE-compliant solutions and services to help us rapidly develop and deploy our industry leading business process management platform, Savvion BusinessManager(TM),'' said Don Nanneman, vice president of marketing for Savvion, Inc. ''We chose Borland because no other products came close in terms of integration and performance. Borland's family of integrated development and deployment solutions enabled our developers to easily deliver the high-quality applications our enterprise customers demand, while improving our time to market, which is critical in today's competitive market.''


    Borland® Enterprise Studio for Java(TM)

    The Borland Enterprise Studio for Java (the Studio) features JBuilder, the market leading Java development environment; a development license for Borland Enterprise Server AppServer edition for application development and testing; Rational Rose®, the industry leading modeling environment; and best practices methodology through Rational Unified Process®. The Studio is also available with Macromedia® Dreamweaver® UltraDev(TM) 4, the professional's choice in Web design environments. For additional features and benefits of the Borland Enterprise Studio for Java, visit

    Borland® JBuilder(TM) 6

    Borland JBuilder is the industry leading development environment with a commanding share of the Java development market. The latest version of JBuilder features a powerful new way to create industry standard EJB components through simple ``point and click'' visual development. In order to leverage the many existing Java projects being deployed in enterprises today, JBuilder facilitates the understanding of these complex systems with integrated UML(TM) code visualization capabilities. This achieves tremendous improvements in productivity for both the novice EJB developer as well as the ``power user'' who needs to rapidly understand and improve existing Java applications. JBuilder also integrates and supports key features of extreme programming such as refactoring, unit testing and automated Javadoc creation. Additionally, JBuilder will provide full support for Web Services with an upcoming release of the Borland Web Services Toolkit for Java. This add-on will automatically integrate into JBuilder 6 Enterprise and will enable developers to manage the complexity of Web Services, facilitate integration with non-J2EE applications and deploy Web Services to major architectures, based on the latest standards. For additional features and benefits on JBuilder 6, visit

    Borland® Enterprise Server

    For deployments across the application spectrum, Borland is introducing the Borland Enterprise Server in three editions: Web edition, VisiBroker edition and AppServer edition. The Web edition is a new, entry-level Web application server that is aggressively priced for deploying servlet and JSP applications, while the VisiBroker and AppServer editions are for large-scale EJB-centric applications. The AppServer edition offers the new revolutionary Application Server Partitioning technology. Additionally, Borland Enterprise Server includes an architecture for running and deploying Web Services for Borland JBuilder, Borland® Delphi(TM) and Borland® Kylix(TM) applications. For additional features and benefits of Borland Enterprise Server editions, visit

    Pricing and Availability

    Borland Enterprise Studio for Java, Borland JBuilder and Borland Enterprise Server solutions will all be available during the fourth quarter. For additional information, please visit

    About BORLAND

    Borland Software Corporation is a leading provider of technology used to develop, deploy and integrate software applications. Delivering best-in-class technology solutions dedicated to interoperability, Borland allows enterprises of all sizes to move into Web based computing while leveraging legacy systems. From the Fortune 1000 to the Borland Nation consisting of millions of developers, Borland provides customers the freedom to develop applications, deploy them anywhere and integrate and manage them across the enterprise. Borland solutions enable organizations to increase productivity and deliver higher performance projects faster and on budget, while lowering total cost of ownership.

  2. It didn't "shock" the world .
  3. however it delighted me; yum yum :)[ Go to top ]

    I'm a believer in Borland when it comes to IDE & related stuff. They know what they do in that area. I'm pretty sure they'll come out with something usable. Also their App server is based on their proved Visibroker CORBA product which I've been using for past 2 years - quite reliable I must say.
  4. Greetings,

    Great news! Looking forward to try Web Edition. I still have concern about performances of Tomcat 4.0 (reliability, scalability, etc.). I wish I would know what does "... Borland-enhanced versions of the Apache™ Web server and the Tomcat Web container..." mean. I could not find any information about what exactly got changed in Apache and Tomcat to provide higher level of availability. If somebody has any interesting info about it - please share.

    Best regards,


  5. The Web Edition has some really interest features:

    Borland created a way for Apache to talk IIOP with any other CORBA compliant server, which means, we can develop CORBA based service and expose then directly to Apache. Based on this CORBA infrastructure, Borland allows Apache to look for TOMCAT instances running in different Borland Enterprise Server machines creating a cluster with full load balancing and fail over support, thanks for the JSS service we don´t have to worry about session management because it is already built in the product.

    That is what they call, Borland Web Server.

    Even with all this features Borland stills allow us to use any other Web Container that we want.

  6. The Web Edition is really welcome[ Go to top ]

    Hi Renato,

    I'm myself also considering the implementation of Borland Enterprise Server Web Edition.
    Now, do you have an idea of the load permitted by such a server (using standart JSP / Servlets )?
    My application needs to support at least 14 transactions / second, for about 30 users...
    Thanx in advance for your lights.


  7. It's too bad the cool features for JBuilder 6 all require the Enterprise or Pro edition. With the Pro starting at $1000 and the Enterprise at $3000(!) I think I'll just stay with IntelliJ. May not have all the bells and whistles but it has what I want for a lot less money.