Orbix E2A XMLBus Edition Technology Preview v2.0.0 was recently released to XMLBus.com. This is a substantial upgrade providing a comprehensive environment for creation, deployment, testing, and management of Web services from existing Java classes, EJBs (stateless session beans), and CORBA services. This release addresses the requests from several customers to be able to extend the XMLBus Web Service Container, provide native support for CORBA, and more natively interoperate with MS.NET.
To upgrade, use the XMLBus auto-update feature or download from:

The new product features include:

· New Developer Environment

o Project based with multiple deployment archives per project
o Ability to add and remove Web services to a deployment archive (XAR)
o Ability to create and manipulate Web services graphically
o Command line tools for use in build environments that allow users to expose new web services, deploy web services to the XMLBus container, and create clients

· Management

o JMX instrumentation and JMX console
o WebLogic users can use their own native JMX implementation

· CORBA dispatcher and IDL to WSDL mapping tools

o Supports Orbix 2000 v2.0 and later

· XMLBus Web Service Container enhancements

· APIs

o Directly manipulate SOAP messages including SOAP messages with attachments (based on the JAXM work within the Java Community process)
o Custom handlers and handler chaining
- Input/Output Stream Handlers - examples of usage
- logging SOAP messages
- (de)compression SOAP messages
- add/remove context information from within the SOAP Header
- Invocation Handler - build custom dispatchers
- Data Context Handlers - for manipulating SOAP Attachments
o Programmatically create and deploy web services

· New datatype support

o Multi-dimensional arrays

· Substantially extended SOAP and WSDL specification coverage

o Interoperability has been tested with over 15 other implementations including Microsoft.NET and the Microsoft SOAP toolkit
o Support for all 4 SOAP encoding styles
- RPC encoded
- RPC literal
- Document encoded
- Document literal
o SOAP with Attachments
o Support for imports in WSDL documents

· Numerous Demos added including source code for custom Compression and Logging handlers

· Documentation Improvements

If you have an application based on the XMLBus Technology Preview that is ready to be deployed apply for free deployment licenses via the deployment form on XMLBus.com.
If you are interested in becoming a premier customer and driving product requirements for subsequent releases, please fill out the feedback form.
Don't forget to join the XMLBus Community and share your experiences with others.
For those of you looking for the supported Generally Available product, in December, the Orbix E2A XMLBus Edition will be made generally available, this release will contain a Business Process Engine for defining choreographies amongst Web services.