Mastering EJB 2nd edition is out!


News: Mastering EJB 2nd edition is out!

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    The Mastering EJB 2nd edition book is finally available! This book forms the first book in "The Middleware Company series" of books. Each and every book in the series is high-quality, advanced, and in-depth. You can purchase the book here.

    Press Release
    The Middleware Company Launches "The Middleware Company series of books" beginning with "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Edition"

    AUSTIN, TX-(BUSINESS WIRE)-December 26, 2001-The Middleware Company, the world's leading skills-transfer resource for enterprise Java technology, today announced the launch of the 2nd edition of the "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans" book. This book is the sequel to the highly popular first edition, which was a landmark book for Java developers worldwide.

    "The Mastering EJB 2nd edition book will prove to be an amazing resource for developers who wish to hone their EJB development skills" says Ed Roman, CEO of The Middleware Company. "This book was written from the ground-up to be more advanced, and to cover more topics. We brought in two expert co-authors to help with the book, and the end result is impressive."

    The Mastering EJB 2nd edition book forms the first book in "The Middleware Company series" of books, published by John Wiley & Sons. The difference between these books and other books is that Ed Roman himself is personally involved with the quality control of each book, ensuring that the books are in-depth and advanced. The goal of the series is to ensure that each and every book in the series is high-quality, so that developers can have confidence in purchasing any book in the series.

    The second book in The Middleware Company series will be Floyd Marinescu's "EJB Design Patterns" book, available Q1 2002. Future books are currently in the works. Developers can recognize these books by the distinctive logo for The Middleware Company featured on the book covers.

    The "Mastering EJB 2nd edition" book will be appearing on bookshelves worldwide, and is immediately available for purchase on via the following link:


    The Middleware Company specializes in advanced enterprise Java technology training and consulting. Founded in 1998 to assist corporations migrating to the Java platform to improve the success of e-Commerce projects, it helps among the world's largest organizations including BEA, Oracle, Cisco, Nextel, MetLife, Sterling Commerce, Standard & Poors, and many others to reduce risks and sustain cost-efficiency by building proficiency in a Java expertise. Instructors are expert architects with deep development experience and strong server-side skills, as well as notable thought leaders in the field. Services include on-site training in Java 2, EJB, J2EE, and XML-Web Services, architecture consulting, and open enrollment courses held worldwide. Courseware is licensed outside North America. The Middleware Company also built and maintains TheServerSide, the leading online J2EE community.

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    Thats great!!!! New Year gift for the community. :)-
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    on the faq I read:
    Will the books be availble in PDF?
    The books will be freely downloadable in PDF form once complete.
    so where is the link to download the book?
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    where is the pdf version of this book ?
  5. Mastering EJB 2nd edition is out![ Go to top ]

    the book looks good, support the hard work that went into this book and buy it... (don't wait for the PDF)

  6. I would go out and buy it, but it doesn't come out until 4th Jan in the UK (allegedly). I guess I will have to wait until then !
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    I agree. If you're working with EJBs, having this book on your desk is a must. Every person I recommended the .pdf to for Ed Roman's first release ended up eventually buying the book.

  8. Provide the PDF url. Don't be afraid![ Go to top ]

    When Steven Kolak(Dec 27th message) ass-kissingly says that every person (s)he recommended the .pdf for the first release ended up buying the book, hey Middleware Company, DON'T BE AFRAID THIS TIME TOO.

    Jason Poley (Dec 26), any hard work will be appreciated. The community doesn't wait for your suggestions.

    Go ahead, post the pdf url for the 2nd edition, the url that works!

    If you don't, there are always other books to choose from.
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    I would like to download the pdf of the second edition of the Ed Roman EJB book.
    Can you supply a URL?

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    Ditto. Would love to see the PDF link if you guys have it available.
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    unfortunately i think that here is happening something like enhydra ( they first said that their product was open source and gained visibility and free support from the community. then they forgot to release the sources... now apparently the same thing is happening with mastering ejb 2nd ed: they say in the faq that the final version of the book will be avaiable for download as a pdf, and then they start selling it, and there is no pdf... they got useful comments from the community, lots of "beta testers" for free with the promise of the free pdf download, and now they don't even responds to people on this forum, asking for the promised pdf. I've used to recommend the first edition to other developers, but i won't do it for the second edition (and i'll surely tell people about this story)
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    I don't feel that they are obligated to release the PDF version the same day the book comes out. Lets face it if you are a serious EJB developer, then you can buy this book (as it is by far the best EJB book written).

    I think the reviewer community got alot of benefits in being part of the review (i know i read all the reviews) and it just got me truly interested in the book.

    i think the PDF will come out, but i am sure that there are publishing restrictions as to when. (as it has to not impact book sales)

    i too am looking for the pdf, but the actual book will be ok until i get it.

  13. Jason Poley (Dec 30) looks to be a paid advertiser for Middleware! :-)

    No one is obligated to release the pdf, it's just that their response to the request was awaited.

    And it was suprising to compare the (lack of similar) kind of enthusiasm by the Middlware company posting the pdf out this time around than at the time they released 1st edition pdf.

    The book will be bought, no doubt. The credibility to respond to the pdf requests is tested meantime.
  14. i am not an advertiser at all. i want the pdf too, but you didn't expect it the same day the book was released, did you?

    they should have made a pdf version of the book and included it on a CD-Rom with the book.

  15. Although it seems that the final copy of the PDFs were promised: "...Will the books be availble in PDF?
    The books will be freely downloadable in PDF form once complete...", one can still view the chapters in their review stages in PDF format by navigating to the appropriate section on this site( I clicked the "EJB Design Patterns" link then clicked the "Mastering EJBII" link on the right hand frame ).
    I am sure that the final PDF format is on its way; no reputable company will make a claim like this and then not do what they say.
    In the spirit of disclosure, I will say that I am one of the people who ordered the book off Amazon the day that it was advertised on this website. For $35.00 ( inc. S/H ), that's a bargain, especially since I paid over $50 for the first edition! But I am also one of those people who buys things like JBoss's $10.00 documentation to help support the open-source company --- let's give Middleware a decent amount of time to respond to all these criticisms though... it's only been a few days since the official release! Maybe the egg-nog party they had over at Middleware requires some extended nursing? :-]

  16. JBoss documentation[ Go to top ]

    from where did you get the JBoss documentation pls give me the URL of the webstore and how big/thick is it?

    thanks in advance,
  17. JBoss documentation[ Go to top ]

    To get the JBoss Docs, go to the site,
    follow the documentation links and you will soon
    wind up on the site that sells the docs (there
    are two available now, A book on 2.4.x and clustering
    documentation for the new 3.0 version).

  18. I don't know about u guys .I read all the drafts of the book and when I read the last EJB specification -many topics are even more dicussed and elaborated in Sun's specification .I've read most of Java books but now I realized all what I need is in Sun's site
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    I'm working on getting a PDF from the publisher. It will be posted on the site in the next few weeks. Sorry for the delay.

    I am confident that by posting the PDF online it will not hamper sales--maybe it would for a bad book, but for a good book, I believe a PDF only helps sales because people can 'try before they buy'.

    Plus, community deserves the PDF online after all the hard work people gave in providing constructive feedback for the book.

  20. Re: Provide the PDF url. Don't be afraid![ Go to top ]

    I think Ed Roman is trusted, so we just wait for this wonderful book of PDF online.
    But I hope we can get the PDF book as early as possible.
  21. It is cool that Ed Roman and others are going to provide a .pdf of the book, but I stand by my earlier comment that everyone in my group that downloaded the .pdf ended up buying the book later as it was a handy reference.

    Also, if you do think it a good book after you download the .pdf, don't be afraid to give the author and book company a little money so that they will be motivated to write future books, especially if you can get your company to expense them anyway.

    Hey Gotya TheHero, I'd enjoy talking with you off-line. Send me an email to steven_kolak at yahoo dot com.

  22. just bought this book. my advice would be, after taking a look at the book, is to wait for the pdf edition and make sure u want this book.

    i own the 1st edition too and frankly IMHO i dont see much difference in the two except a couple of chapters or more and some more differences here n there. but then its just my first two days with the book and some days later i could be prooved wrong.

    but yes i am sure i was expecting a lot more from the book, lets see.
  23. Just for clarification.. the book was massively overhauled. Every chapter had significant changes, most notably making things consistent with EJB 2.0. Also, some brand new chapters were added.

    With that said, it is not a brand new book either--that is why it is called a 2nd edition. You should expect for there to be lots of familiar things in the new book too.

  24. Ed

    Where's the source code? Only the first edition stuff is on the website.

    Bob Edison
  25. Floyd will post it soon.
  26. Ed,

    Thanks for the clarification there. Yeah i guess u have summed it well, what to expect and what not to.

    But yes, i m holding on to the book.

  27. Something is Wrong Here[ Go to top ]

    I don't get it. Anyone doing java server side development should be paid enough that they can aford the price of this book. It is well worth the price. I don't get all these posts about waiting for the online pdf version. Come on, stop being such cheapskates !! Roman,Ambler,& Jewel deserve every cent they can make for their efforts.
  28. Something is Wrong Here[ Go to top ]

    Well not any more Greg. i just dont get paid enough. do u have anything for me which can get me, what u get ?? well thats on the lighter side.

    but yes i have bought this book and i have posted my comments above on the book.
  29. Mastering EJB 2nd edition is out![ Go to top ]

    Agree completely!
    When I came here at first time,they have said they would
    provide the entire "Mastering EJB 2nd edition" with PDF format once the book was finished.
    But now they broke their promise.
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    I don't know where can I download this book?
  31. Mastering EJB 2nd edition is out![ Go to top ]

    Yeah but your publisher won't let me tell the world that "It's a great book!!!" until Jan 4th.

    However, having read the drafts on-line, I can say "it's about 99.999% probable that it's a great book!!" without their approval. So, I'll go out on a limb and risk the other .001 percent and say "it's a great book!"

    Congratulations to you, Scott (the prolific) Ambler and Tyler!

    Regards, Best Wines, and Happy Hollandaise,

    Rich Katz

    "If you see the Buddah in Starbucks,
  32. Is it a FAQ?[ Go to top ]

    When will the books be completed?
    The publishing date is Fall 2001.

    Will the books be availble in PDF?
    The books will be freely downloadable in PDF form once complete.

    How can I help?
    Download the authors chapters and add your comments directly to the document and email it back to the author. Let everyone you know about the book reviewing on TheServerSide
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    This is getting crazy. People ---- come on... be a little patient... I am sure the PDF link will be released soon.

    However - on another note... I am quite pissed with the Middleware Company about the EJB 2.0 Matrix that they have been advertising.

    First I emailed them about 10 times as they posted no information on the delay.. now finally I have my ordered placed, credit card charged.. .but no MATRIX in the mail.....

  34. Mastering EJB 2nd edition is out![ Go to top ]

    Congratulations on an excellent book! I've been reading it in tandem with Monson-Haefel's 3rd Ed of Enterprise JavaBeans. I find your book much clearer, paced better and pragmatic in its approach. Chapter 12 on Persistence Best Practices is worth the price of the book.
  35. Mastering EJB 2nd edition is out![ Go to top ]

    Thanks for keeping your promise and releasing the PDF version.
  36. I am having problems downloading the pdf version of the book