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News: GLUE 2.0 Web Services Platform Released

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    The Mind Electric is pleased to announce the availability of GLUE 2.0, a simple, fast and comprehensive Java platform for creating, deploying and consuming web services. The standard edition is free for most commercial uses. The professional edition includes enterprise-level features such as EJB integration, JMS integration and a UDDI server.

    The main new features in GLUE 2.0 are seamless JMS integration with support for reliable, guaranteed sync/async messaging, and a plugin for the JBuilder IDE.

    For a complete list of the GLUE 2.0 features and a download link, visit:

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  2. Cool. What is the schedule for Gaia?


  3. an early access version should be available in early feb, and a production release in the march/april timeframe.

  4. Has any body here used GLUE ? How does it compare with apache soap etc?
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    I have not used it in a production environment. Downloaded it and tried it out (in a conceptual sense) when it was in its earlier incarnations. It was incredibly easy to setup and use. Intuitively it seems like a very powerful toolset and IMHO easier than Apache SOAP. I've seen Graham pitch this and ElectricXML (comparable to JDOM) elsewhere on the net, but for some reason GLUE does not seem to have caught on as I once thought it would.

    Your mileage may vary. Just my two cents...

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    hi there,

    actually, adoption of GLUE has exceeded our expectations.

    for example, the interest group, which is an optional
    thing to join, has grown from 100 to 900 developers
    in just a short while, and our customer list is growing
    at a healthy pace.

    if you have only experienced an early version of GLUE,
    i encourage you to try out the latest version. it is
    an order of magnitude simpler and more powerful.

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    The sad state of affairs is a wonderful product such as this doesn't get mentioned in the press. Why? Our so called writers have a new paradymn: Quote headlines from Microsoft as facts. Circumspection is no where to be found in these articles. Their naiveness may be due to the fact they were never java developers.

    Any which way, java was built on grassroot efforts not marketing campaigns. I plan to support this product just as I did with java and still do. Congratulations on a wonderful product.
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    Just tried it out yesterday after reading this thread. I can't say that I have investigated every nook and cranny of this product since I have just started to play with it, but my first impression of it is that this is a decent product. The usage of this product is not as abstract as some other products. For example, the API provided forces the developer to understand exactly what the WSDL *does* and *why* it exists. In other Web Services products, it is easy to not even understand WSDL and just allow the product to cover the whole process of making a Web Service with a GUI. GLUE has made me understand more of the plumbing of Web Services.
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    As you said, is very easy to use.Actually it's a wonderfull piece of technology. We used it as a means to componentize our app, as a bridge between Java and .NET.
    Graham, I'm really surprised that there aren't thousands of users on your interest group. Maybe because it deals with web services, and for some reason web services are viewed as some MS plot(which I find ridiculous)?
  10. I am preparing a production deployment of a fax scheduling app using GLUE to communicate with an MS SOAP client tied to a Powerbuilder front end. I chose GLUE because it works, works well, and is simple to understand and deploy. Thanks, Graham and team for a great product. I also highly recommend Graham's Web Services book ( Although it's listed as being published on 15 January, I received it as a Christmas present.