"A Detailed Look at SOAP", Part 2 of Web Services Series Posted


News: "A Detailed Look at SOAP", Part 2 of Web Services Series Posted

  1. The second installment of the "Developing Web Services Series" discusses SOAP complex type handling, and look sin detail at how SOAP error messages are created. It also explores how to use remote references with web services. This article will provide you with a good understanding of SOAP, WSDL and the process of creating and working with web services.

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  2. Hi,
    I think there are some errors in the class demos\mapping\TradingClient:
    this package does not exist: com.systinet.demos.mapping.struct.OrderRequest
    the right package is com.systinet.demos.mapping.OrderRequest
    Besides, symbol, type, limitPrice, volume are private attributes of OrderRequest and cannot be accesses the way it is done in TradingClient:
        order.symbol = "BEAS";
          order.type = com.systinet.demos.mapping.OrderRequest.ORDER_TYPE_BUY;
          order.limitPrice = 13;
          order.volume = 213000;
    The examples do not compile!
  3. Sam,

    The com.systinet.demos.mapping.struct.OrderRequest class should be generated from the web service WSDL file by the WSDLCompiler tool. You can find the WSDLCompiler invocation in the runMappingClient.bat script. This script generates the proper OrderRequest Java class.

    Hope it helps

  4. I realized that after my posting! However I still don't understand why do we need to do that. Can't we just use the original RequestOrder instead?
  5. Your conclusion says part 3 will be about security. Any ETA on this article? I am especially interested in this.