Looking for "Best practices for EJB projects" doc


TSS feedback: Looking for "Best practices for EJB projects" doc

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a document that was previously available for download on the same page as all chapters of "Mastering EJB II" when it was still review period. This document was describing a lot of EJB projects best practices and was really really worth reading but I can't find it anymore (and it has not been included in Ed Roman's book).

    Could you please point me out where I can find it now ?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. I think you were looking for this thread that has a number of links for best practices in J2EE.

  3. Thank you for your answer but actually I was looking for an article written by Ed Roman I think, which exact title was "J2EE Project Management". It was previously listed with all chapters of his "Mastering EJB II" book, on the server side page, but it has not been enclosed in the final version of the book.
  4. This one?
  5. Not really. It's a more complete version of this document, much longer (about 100 pages) in a word document that was available for review with all chapters of Ed Roman's book.

    But thanks anyway. So if anybody know about it, please let me know.
  6. That document no longer exists. We found it to be too long and wordy. The most important parts of that chapter are in the chapter "Starting your J2EE project on the right foot" in the new Mastering EJB II book.
  7. Hi Matthieu.

    I still have the document (78 pages).
    If you post your e-mail address, I can send it to you.

    Glenn Petersen
  8. Hi, I am not Matthieu, please I am interested to that document too would you like send it to me at : yna54 at onebox dot com
  9. Can you send me the file (78 pages) to myjavaindia at yahoo dot com

  10. Can you please send me the document at akshadh at yahoo dot com.
  11. Hi,
    Can you send the document(78 pages)to gsujeet at rediffmail dot com?
    Thanks and regards,
  12. Hi Glenn,

    I would really appreciate if you can send me this document if you're not tired already sending it to too many people ;)

    You can use the following mail address :
    matthieu dot riou at yahoo dot fr

    Given that other people seem to like this doc it might also be interesting to put it back in the resources part of server side. Anyway thanks a lot.
  13. If possible, could you please forward this document to me also at
    aceleste21 at hotmail dot com

  14. Can you send me the file (78 pages) to kanugantik at gmail dot com Thanks
  15. Dear all, Can somebody help with ideas on how to integrate several EJB projects into one single application platform. I have 3 separate projects (related), where I have used a servlet to respond to query from a web client on each occasion. Each of the servlets have an EJB embedded in them. What I want now is, if I have a menu on my homepage, I want to be able to invoke each of the servlets on separate. The options I am looking at is whether to package the servlets as JAR files? I need someone to enlighten me. 'Wande