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    Does anyone have source code (end-to-end) that illustrates the use of the following patterns:
    - BusinessDelegate
    - SessionFacade
    - ServiceLocator
    - DAO
    - ValueObject

    and how to access them from the web tier?

    Also, any comments on these are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Remember, design patterns are abstract concepts, so they are no specific to any implementation. For example, when we speak of the "MVC" design pattern, we are referring to the pattern in an abstract manner, and not specific to any programming language. However, if we implement MVC in Java for a web application, it would be referred to as a "template-based" framework. A template-based framework can be customized for any application -- just add code where the template is abstract, usually through an interace or abstract class -- but the core implementation of the framework is hidden to the developer and remains the same across applications.

    Anyway, I'm yapping too much. Go to the URL below. It's a great resource for J2EE patterns and provides supplemental information via UML diagrams and source code examples. Hope it helps...