Hey James -
Thanks for the submission. We've actually tried to steer clear of this topic (and we've had about a dozen submissions on this topic) because it's a no-win situation for us. We'll get squeezed both by Microsoft people and the Java community, because we wouldn't pick a "winner". We also don't want to present a comparison because it'll lead to people claiming that C# and the CLR are ripoffs of the Java language and VM. Our policy on "Microsoft competitive" technology is that we try not to discuss it - we serve our audience as a post-sales and upcoming technology tool. Thanks again, and if you have any questions or comments please drop us a line.
Joshua Trupin
Executive Editor, MSDN Magazine

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I am a frequent reader of MSDN magazine but also a columnist for Java Developers Journal. I write the Ask Doctor Java column. I have noted that both parties never tell the full truth about the other's technology.
I would like to suggest a fair comparison of technologies in a point / counterpoint fashion. I will fairly represent the Java side where another author can represent the MS side. If this is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact me.