Latest version of Orion J2EE AppServer released


News: Latest version of Orion J2EE AppServer released

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    Orion 1.5.4 was released today. This new version provides important features such as local interfaces, many to many relationships, cascade-deletes, automatic primary keys (primary key class set to java.lang.Object), and more.

    Download it at

    Also read the latest Orion Review on TheServerSide.
  2. big day ! has anybody tested it with todays final release of java 1.4 ?
  3. Yepp, I have tried it with JDK 1.4 final, and it seem to work just fine.

  4. Is the documentation any better or does it still suck?
  5. <quote>
    Is the documentation any better or does it still suck?

    The documentation has been improving little-by-little over the last 6 months - though it still needs work and will for some time.

    However, I am quite happy to see this release - I would almost want to call it orion 2.0 since it actually represents a major release - probably the first in god knows how many months. It offers the first real chance to work with a sizeable portion of the j2ee1.3 spec.
  6. wooooo hooooooo what a day ! what a day !!!
  7. From changes.txt

    -- 1.5.4 --
    Added support for local interfaces
    Added support for many to many relationships
    Added support for cascade-deletes
    Added support for automatic primary keys (primary key class set to java.lang.Object)
    Added windows security workaround patch
    Fixed #188 JMS publish messages for autostarted clients
    Fixed #197 finder method for non-existent ejb is not detected
    Fixed #348 Class-Path: ignored in (unpacked) ejb-jar Manifest file
    Fixed #349 Orion crashes when using primary keys in an incorrect way
    Fixed #418 Class _yw has missing access specifier
    Fixed #480 Remote JMS Subscriber TopicConnection.start() hangs
    Fixed #493 JMS TextMessage with not text gives nullpointer exception wh...
    Fixed #495 staleness parameter in DataSourceUserManager not implemented
    Fixed #511 Problem receiving messages from a TopicSubscriber when run a...
    Fixed #515 Tag library variable declaration
    Fixed #531 EJB 2.0 PFD 2 feature <run-as> not implemented properly
    Fixed #532 findByPrimaryKey fails when EJB has exclusive-write-access="false"
    Fixed #533 Taglib null parameters are handed as "null"
    Fixed #534 Wrong exception when roleManager.addToRole(...) is called with a null argument
    Fixed #541 <use-caller-identity> tag doesn't conform to sun dtd
    Fixed #568 incorrect max-tx-retries default
    Fixed #569 Can't map servlet to *.db.htm
    Fixed #575 Incorrect security exception when using JNDI
    Fixed #576 array return types from taglibs not handled correctly
    Fixed #582 ServletContext.getRequestDispatcher() handles non-existing JSP
    Fixed #587 call to MessageDrivenContext.setRollbackOnly fails
    Fixed #593 Can't send JMS messages from the init() method of a servlet
    Fixed #611 CGI servlet errors
    Fixed #619 Problem with HttpSession.invalidate()
    Fixed #620 request.getServletPath() returns null if servlet is handling...
    Fixed #626 Problem with conversion from literal String to object
    Fixed #628 Memory leak using JMS
    Fixed #632 jsp:param tag does not accept request time attributes
    Fixed #637 application code causes a NPE in container-generated code
    Fixed #646 Generated source for jsp is saved in a file whose name does...
    Fixed #650 popBody in PageContext should not be abstract
    Fixed #660 Log JSP compilation errors in a log file
    Fixed #663 Child applications do not have proper user manager hierarchy
    Fixed #664 EJBUserManager has unimplemented functions
    Fixed #665 Cannot use java option -Xfuture
    Fixed #669 Orion JMS hanging intermittently on Message send/receive
    Fixed #679 ejbStore and dirty detection problem (EJB CMP2)
    Fixed #680 method ServletRequest.getParameterMap() not implemented acco...
    Fixed #693 Classloader gives highest priority to WEB-INF/lib
  8. Anyone know of a doc at their web site or have some time to enumerate the level of support for J2EE1.3 (or the missing parts, assuming that is shorter to list)?

    I've been wanting to evaluate it for using EJB 2.0 with CMP, CMR Entity beans, along with MDBs/JMS, JSP/Struts. Anyone know if its supporting all these things yet?

  9. I can't comment on how complete the level support for CMP is yet as I tend to use BMP or Session/O/R mapper with Orion. They have had some sort of support for EJB 2.0-like support for CMP for a while though although not to the standard. The Orion mailing list should be able to shed some light on where CMP is at. With that said though, MDB/JMS has been supported for a couple releases now and seems to work very well. I have used both Struts and Webwork for various projects with Orion with very positive results. Orion has one of the best JSP engines around. Great for development with Jikes.
  10. Orion has always had some portion of the ejb2.0 spec (including those items you mention) implemented from the earlier pfd, I believe that they have it up-to-date with this release, with local interfaces, CMP, CMR(1-1,1-M,M-n), MDBs/JMS, JSP. I think (I haven't worked with it) that it has supported struts for some time. Having just started to play with this latest release - I can't tell you that it is without bugs - too early for that. It does deploy the latest (1.3.1) version of the petstore with no problems - though I haven't worked with it enough to get it to run as yet. Best advice is to play with it and see what it does and doesn't do.
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    Answering those questions regarding documentation - there is much documentation available at:

    More information regarding this release, and a download of 1.5.4 is available at:

    Management tools for JBDC, JNDI and User Management are also available: