Do we really need the session timeout?


TSS feedback: Do we really need the session timeout?

  1. Do we really need the session timeout? (7 messages)

    I usually get timed out when I return from a trip to the coffee machine.

    And what about some option to remember us permanently, instead of asking for the password every time?
  2. Excellent idea. Many times when I switch to my IDE and then come back I have to re-login...
  3. we need more security not less!

    The session time out should be reduced to about 30 seconds, only that way will the crackers and viruses be stopped in thyere tracks.
  4. I'm really agree with you, but i think that there are ways to avoid sessions.

  5. Persistent cookies[ Go to top ]

    Agreed.... an auto-login would be very desirable.
  6. Thats odd. I could have sworn the timeout was set to over an hour... You will soon find respite. :)
  7. As the "voice of the crowd" on this issue, I'd like to thank the development team for the auto-login option.
  8. I second...