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    Jahia Ltd today announced the release of JAHIA Portal Server 3.0, an open source, J2EE-based integrated CMS (Content Management System) and Portal Server. Jahia provides an out-of-the-box framework for developing, integrating, delivering and managing Content, Web applications and Web Services.

    Check out JAHIA Portal Server 3.0.

    Press Release
    We are pleased to announce the release of JAHIA Portal Server 3.0 - The Next Generation of Open Corporate Portal and CMS Platform For Building and Managing Instant Web Solution.
    Jahia Ltd, a provider of open portal software for the mid-market, today announced the release of JAHIA Portal Server 3.0, industry's first open source and 100% Java based solution for building complex and dynamic Web Sites.

    Unlike traditional corporate portal solutions, JAHIA 3.0 finally provides a comprehensive and out-of-the-box framework for developing, integrating, delivering and managing Content, Web applications and Web Services across intranets, extranets and the Internet.

    Jahia 3.0, that includes a complete Portal and CMS framework but also a dozen of pre-packaged web applications, is now fully available under a collaborative and open source license license based on a new but simple paradigm: Pay or Contribute! Active developers get partial or complete discounts in exchange of their contribution in kind while passive customer needs to pay a standard license fee in cash. Please check the license page and our FAQ to get more information on this topic.

    "JAHIA 3.0 allows any organization to quickly develop and fully customize world-class complex web sites on top of our open portal architecture. Our customers have now at their disposal complete access to the source code and several new functions of the JAHIA 3.0 release to deliver portal web applications and web services to their employees, customers and partners" said Stéphane Croisier, CEO of Jahia Ltd. "This new release of JAHIA Portal Server continues our tradition of technological leadership and will significantly contribute to our momentum in the Enterprise Portal market to take the lead in open and medium sized Java based projects."

    You will find on our collborative Web site (www.jahia.org) all information about the product. Visit also our commercial web site (www.jahia.com)to get information about our line of products and services.
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    Hello Wiliam, seems that the url (http://www.jahia.org/jahia/Jahia/pid/84 ) works fine for me. Perhaps a temporary problem.

    Anyway... Downloaded and tried the product and it looks quite good. Seems that he may fit in some of my customer proposal as a mid-size CSM/Corporate Portal framework to suggest an alternative to the classical big editors.

    Regarding the open source license, even if you have access to the code, you still have to pay royalties. You may just decide if it is through additional contributions in kind or in cash. (Why not after all - While every OSS projects is now looking for new revenues streams, this solution may be a good one and still allow full access to the source code!)
    What I do not understand is: how do they evaluate the amount of contribution active developers are doing?

  4. Saying this is a real portal server is like saying Osama bin Laden is a player in the mideast peace process. Jetspeed is way ahead. Commercial products like Epicentric are LIGHT years ahead.
  5. Do not agree...

    Last time (sorry some months ago) I downloaded and tried Jetspeed, there was only a lightweight framework to deployed portlets on personalised web pages. No web publishing framework, no web based administration interface, no web applications pre-packaged... At a first glance (more testing today), Jahia seems far more "production ready".

    Regarding Epicentric, it does not seem to me that Jahia as the same market niche (Epicentric costs something like 150'000 USD per CPU no?). So ok for Epicentric as the backbone for a Fortune 1000 company but as a department server for some hundreds of employees, it might be a bit too heavy to configure, to manage with a quite prohibitive entry cost.

  6. 150K/cpu sounds a little high for Epicentric, most comparable enterprise software is at least half that much, and most are lower. Also, a few hundred employees is a lot and packaged/supported portal software is probably the way to go. But maybe jahia is better than jetspeed, willing to give you that.
  7. Michael, check this link about portal pricing


    Sic! quite expensive no?
  8. Goddam! I'm gonna quit my job and write me a portal server!
  9. Interesting license.

    Indeed, just to be able to read the source, add your own modifications and make error corrections is worth quite a lot.

    Having a way for ones modifications to become "supported" is worth even more.

    Evaluating the value of a contribution could be a problem, of course, but after what I said above, a big value is to get ones changes included in the supported core so that one does not have to fix the same thing, possibly in different ways, in each upgrade.
  10. Hmmm - an impressive number of broken links on their homepage.

    Not exactly what I would call a recommendation for the product...


  11. I can not figure out what the cost would be for deploying this product. The license is confusing in that I could not determine how much you would have to pay to use the product if you were not contributing code back to the project.

    Also how would code that was contributed be evaluated or negotiated as a trade in kind vs cash? What metric would be used?


  12. Hello Cory,

    You may check the pricing page on: http://www.jahia.com/jahia/Jahia/pid/137

    Else the contribution system is very basic:
    1) You calculate your license fee similar to any other software
    2) You decide if you want to contribute something or to pay everything cash
    3) if you decide to contribute to the project, you make a proposal (like any web integrator making a proposal for a prospect) saying what you want to contribute, why Jahia needs such an extension, basic specifications and what does it will cost to you (in man/days).
    4) A committe reviews the proposal, critizes it, makes modifications and finally approves or not the contribution. Once accepted they fixed the final amount of discount (partial or full discount).
    5) The developer has one year to contribute its contribution.

    There is no specific metrics as it would be too complex to manage especially in the softare industry. So it is done on a case by case basis.


    Stéphane Croisier