JORAM 3.0 Open Source JMS Server Released


News: JORAM 3.0 Open Source JMS Server Released

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    ObjectWeb announced today the release of JORAM 3.0, an Open Source JMS provider. This version of JORAM is a complete rewrite and fully supports JMS 1.0.2b specifications. It is embedded in JOnAS, an Open Source EJB Server.

    Check out JORAM.

    More info:
    ObjectWeb[1] announced today the release of JORAM 3.0[2], an Open Source JMS provider.

    Compared to previous versions, this new release is a complete refactoring of the code base. It gets rid of the previous limitations and defects. The JMS specification is now fully implemented, JORAM provides authentication and security features, and introduces a distributed implementation of the Topic destination. Its clean and sound code basis guarantees fast and easy future developements and enhancements.

    A suite of tests based on JUnit will be very soon proposed for download.
    It will allow to simply and largely check JORAM, as well as other JMS implementations. Various samples and demos are already available.

    JORAM still welcomes external contributions. Projects which are currently undertaken cover a large area from enriching security features to developing a light Joram implementation for portable devices.
    Administration should also become a key concern as JORAM still misses tools and features. Finally, our samples and tests distribution is destinated to grow. If you want to get involved and to contribute to any of those projects, and/or if you wish to propose other developements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We sincerely hope you will enjoy this new version,
    JORAM team.


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  2. Schizophrenic licence[ Go to top ]

    Open source, freedom to modify and distribute, good.

    Then the strange thing: a patent on what I suppose is a central component.

    Patents are bad, they have never managed to protect "the little guy", and they serve as a castration tool in the hands of big corporations.
  3. Schizophrenic licence[ Go to top ]

    I agree with you, the JORAM licence is a bit complicated, with a lower part protected by a patent.
    The origin of this is that we have built JORAM on top of an agent based middleware. This middleware has a lot of possible uses and Bull agreed to give the JMS implementation as open source, while protecting non JMS use of it.
    The result is that you can use directly the middleware to enhance Joram, as long as your enhancements remain open source. And you can use Joram and your enhancements to any commercial use.
    It is some kind of Mozilla-like licence for Joram, on top of a GPL-like license for the agent middleware.