Sun proposes changes to JSPA to satisfy Apache demands.


News: Sun proposes changes to JSPA to satisfy Apache demands.

  1. Sun has published a letter of intent on the JCP site detailing changes to the JSPA in respond to Apache Software Foundation's previous demands.

    See the letter at

    See Jason Hunter's response (the ASF's representative to the Java Community Process) at
  2. As mentioned on other forums, looking at the list:

    JSR 31 (JAXB), JSRs 52, 53, 152, 154 (JSPs/Servlets), JSR 63 (JAXP), JSR 67 (JAXM), JSR 93 (JAXR), JSR 101 (JAXRPC), JSR 127 (Java Server Faces), JSR 172 (J2ME Web Services)

    JSR 58 (J2EE 1.3) and JSR 151 (J2EE 1.4) are noticably missing. Is this a convenient oversight and will we have to wait year(S) for a open source J2EE application server?
  3. Congratulations to Apache for standing firm, and to Sun for letting go of Java a little more. I hope all this wisdom rubs off on me and everybody else.
  4. I heard recently that a large amount of the Apache developers work for Sun. I wonder what the percentage is?

    It was good to see Jason Hunter at the Technical Keynote on Monday representing Apache. Would have been nice to see someone from JBoss as well.
  5. 10-min video clipping of JavaOne keynote:

    More coverage: