TSS user session constantly terminated.


TSS feedback: TSS user session constantly terminated.

  1. TSS user session constantly terminated. (1 messages)

    Is it just me or is my session being constantly terminated? I'm being prompted to log in very frequently. Even when I'm logged in for a few minutes, I get kicked out & asked to relogin.

    Just wondering if this is a known issue.
  2. I have noticed this happening to me as well. It is very bizarre, as often it happens to me but not to others who are using a different network. What I mean is, I sometimes have trouble logging in from behind the rogers@home service, while my friends using DSL have no problem. Thus, I am not convinced that this is a server issue.
    In anycase, we will be moving to strict application-level cookies for this type of things in the next few weeks, so these problems should go away.

    thanks Pratap!