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    The Cacheon Migrator is tool that helps automate the porting of J2EE apps between Oracle, Weblogic, Websphere and older versions of those products. It automates processes such as converting JSPs, EJB deployment descriptors, Java source code, JMS settings, WEBINF configuration files, and third-party security features from one server platform to another.

    The product is not available for download, but can be ordered. At Java One, they previewed their BEA WebLogic to Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS) migration capability.

    Check out Cacheon Migrator.

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    Great job Satya!
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    They should have a version that ports an app running on XXX to JBoss !!
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    Any App to any app shd be a possibility soon ..
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    or JOnAS ...
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    Gee there much be a small market for this tool. Did you know other web services app-builders can assist you through a migration project. All you need to do is build an introspection utility pop it on the app server your pulling from or repurposing and wal-lah, what's left in the magic. Ok, it would take a few man weeks to build and test, but, it is not rocket science. I think I start an SourceForge project for replicate this, any takers ?