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    I've set up an error page for my JSPs, and declared it as so(isErrorPage="true"), and configured all my JSP pages (errorPage="/erro.jsp").

    All this works fine... but there's one thing that's really weird, whenever there is an exception on one of the pages, besides redirecting to the error page it also adds part of its output to the begining of the error page... so the error page gets all screwed up, since this "unwanted" output gets cut off in the middle of some HTML/Javascript code that has nothing to do with the error page...

    It's really weird... I thought the error page should have a clean fresh start, not with any prior output... right???

    Trying to debug it I came with something that worked, but it didn't give me a solution nor understanding of the problem... If I put a <%@page buffer="200"%> on the error-generating page, the error page works 100%, with a clean output.

    Can someone explain me why this is??

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    could be your web container?

    which one are you using? (i.e. Tomcat, Jetty, Orion, Weblogic, etc.)