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    Is it possible to include jsp page that is on another server using <include
    page=...> directive ? When i try to do something like this :
    <jsp:include page="http://SERVER_NAME:8080/TEST/Test.jsp" flush="true" />

    Tomcat generates error : http://SERVER_NAME:8080/TEST/Test.jsp file not

    Maybe there is another solution to include jsp pages that are not relative
    to current jsp page. Anybody knows ?


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    according to the jsp 1.2 spec, there isn't. Page 54 or section 2.10.3 specifies this.
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    Not sure if you can do that from another server. All the ones we do are relative. Is that a possiblity, or do you have to include from another server?
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    JSTL at . Check <c:import /> JSP tag