HP Plans to Sell Off Middleware Products


News: HP Plans to Sell Off Middleware Products

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    HP is about to sell off its middleware assets, HP executives said Tuesday. Instead, HP plans to focus on pushing hardware via improving partnerships with software vendors such as BEA. It was not confirmed whether HP's J2EE appserver is also being dumped, but all the available facts suggest that this is inevitable.

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    What kind of effect is this going to make on Compaq's ZLE (Zero Latency Enterprise) offerings. Middleware is a huge component to all of it. :D

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  3. I might be wrong, but selling the app server business unit in this commoditized market for app servers will prove to be quite hard. Also, this is something I feared some months ago when in another thread we were discussing HP's strategy of giving the product away for free: the model will not bring the expected benefits and will be dumped in no-time (I have seen some unhappy customers still running on non-supported E3 platforms when they decided to switch to J2EE...).

  4. I think it is about time tss.com removed the hp logo from the home page! :-)
  5. Well, if they can't find any buyers, they should think about donating HPAS and the CSF to the Open Source Community. The Apache project maybe?
  6. On a related note, I wonder what will (and is) happening to JSR 111 - Java Services Framework. From memory this was initiated by HP and their AppServer was built on a prototype implementation of it. Is it dead (and about to buried :-(!?

  7. Brilliant idea, Sat. But JBoss wouldn't much like it.

    I could see HP perhaps selling Bluestone to one of the big MOM companies like Tibco or Webmethods. Those companies badly need a hook into the App Server marketplace.
  8. That's a good point. The EAI server market needs to figure out how to justify their hefty licensing fees (for those of you not familiar with the pricing model of EAI vendors, they make even the expensive app servers seem dirt cheap) as the J2EE platform and corresponding app server implementations start providing a lot of the same facilities at a much lower cost. Tight integration between the J2EE server and EAI server is inevitable, and I imagine that in the future they will simply be one and the same. The quicker the EAI guys embrace J2EE at the core of their platform, instead of as something they simply interact with, the better off they will be.

    Just my two cents.

  9. Chris Kerns writes:

    "The quicker the EAI guys embrace J2EE at the core of their platform, instead of as something they simply interact with, the better off they will be"

    And if they don't, JMS will do to them what W-Windows and Motif did to Sun's News......

  10. Instead of the much touted suspects from the EAI market .. it looks like Oracle is making a play for the HP's portfolio :


    " .. ORACLE IS IN discussions with Hewlett-Packard to buy its middleware assets, a move that could provide a much-needed boost to Oracle's application server business, industry sources said.. "

    Wonder what this whole episode will have on their existing oc4j based portfolio ? Good thing my current project has nothing invested from Oracle'e end .
  11. How many app servers is Oracle going to buy?
  12. The first question is how many app servers is Oracle going to fly into the ground.
  13. Matt -
    I know you pretty much only deal with Weblogic and I don't know how many of the other app servers out there you have used. However, I have used OC4J and I don't think Oracle has run Orion into the ground, and I don't expect that they will run HPAS into the ground either - I just don't know what they would do with two app server code bases though.

  14. It's only a rumor that Carly Fiorina, the brilliant titan of corporate management, wants to acquire Maytag and take over the coin-operated washing machine market.
  15. HP-Maytag? It could work.....[ Go to top ]

    Interesting idea, that. HP gains a foothold into the expanding coin-op washing machine market. They could manage the coin-ops using JINI, and there are interesting possible synergies with clothing retail chains here as well.

    For example, when the machine malfunctions and mangles a load of clothing, an advertisement for Wal-Mart would appear advertising replacements..... ;-)