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    I've been looking at EJB recently and i cant help but think its just so bloated.

    For nearly all but "mega scale" websites/apps jdo seams like a far easier solution. Especially since you can use a sessionbean to call your jdo objects in the odd case i would nee remote callability (i reccon few sites do)

    A simple shoppingcart app for instance would be far better implemented using jdo. Unless your called amazon

    Are there any persuasive reasons to use ejb over jdo for a small website
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    I'm too tired to go into this debate again, it has been discussed many times on TSS. I'm sure you can find many threads about the topic. Of course, specific questions would be welcome.
    Just a quick note: you seem to be asking about JDO vs Entity beans, not JDO vs EJB. I say that because you said:
    "...you can use a sessionbean to call your jdo objects..."
    So what you're actually describing is a situation where EJB *is* used, but entity beans aren't. You can also think of a situation where EJB is not used at all (because JDO does have it's own transaction handling mechanisms) but that's a different question.