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    I was a bit confuse on weblogic deployment for enterprise application.
    I have 3 modules here.
    Module A contain ejb classes.
    Module B contain web component classes.
    Module C contain common utilities that will be use by Module A and B.

    During deployment, I deploy the modules as (application.xml):
    Module A = EJB modules
    Module B = Web modules
    Module C = Java modules

    But it seem that Module A failed to detect classes in Module C.
    There is a workaround which I set Module C in classpath (startWeblogic.cmd).
    I was wondering is there any other way that I can let Module A and B detect classes in Module C wihout setting it in the classpath?

    Thank You
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    I think you should add the names of your jar file C, into the manifest.mf files of A & B, and your problems should go away.

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    Thanks for the info.
    It work charm !