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    Has anyone got some sort of reference or site which has a metrics on XML parser performance comparison? Scalability comparison would be good too.

    All I've got here is

    I'm particularly looking at JDOM + Crimson. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Have a look at:

    It provides a comparison of most of the common parsers, both SAX & DOM and also provides some interesting metrics with regard to the JVM etc.


    Andy Bowes
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    Have a look here,

    They compare , Crimson, Xerces, JDOM, XPP and EXML. You can download all the testing code, and they have links to the parsers under the 'Resources' section.

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    Good article on the IBM site. As always, somewhat dated. We are using EXML. It is up to having a version 5 beta release (the article had access to 2.2 at the time) and it supports the DOM API as of version 4.
    We are using it to serialize/deserialize Java objects to SOAP encoded XML form and it screams.