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  1. File-upload,File-download,e-mail in JSP? (2 messages)

    I'm a novice in JSP,but I used servlet for a while,I don't know how to implement file-upload,file-download,e-mail in jsp.
    hope to get answer from experts
    thanks a lot!
  2. hi jerry.
        u worked with servlets.jsp is mainly intended to use beans,so why don't u try to develop some utility classes for uploading,downloading,sending mails as required,use them in ur's may't be that tedious i think.go through some enterprise java beans tutorials for this.
       contact me at sritatikonda at hotmail dot com
  3. Hi, u can find a classes in
    On bottom you can see a List de classes where Multipart...Request it can u help.

    I hope can it help u.