Orion 1.6 J2EE Server Now Available


News: Orion 1.6 J2EE Server Now Available

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    Those who are fans of Orion Application Server from Ironflare will be glad to know that 1.6.0 has been released. While not yet fully J2EE 1.3 compliant it does feature EJB 2.0 CMP and EJB QL support, among other items, including JMS fixes.

    Get it at http://www.orionserver.com.

    Orion is a very well architected J2EE application server, and one that I work with as much as I can. I like it for its speed, features, simplicity, and price. I would recomend you take a look if you never have or it has been a while.


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  2. Do you know which version of servlet/jsp the new 1.6 orion supports?

    E.g. will the new standard taglib work now?
  3. There are still a few holes in the taglib support it seems. I hadn't tried the standard tag libs until just a few minutes ago, and they do not work properly. They have done pretty serious refactoring on the code base and have put ejb2.0, some JMS fixes, etc into this particular release. Hopefully they are at the point where they can begin doing faster releases and get some of these particular items fixed.

    As far as full j2ee 1.3 compliance, there isn't a list around somewhere - but I do know that the connector architecture isn't yet implemented. Not sure what else.


  4. Anyone knows about the stability of 1.6 ?
    I mean, as far as I have worked with orion untill now, they are pretty stable and serious, so I am starting to think if I should test 1.6 for deployment in production.
  5. While it is labeled as 'experimental', I have found its stability to be more so than previous versions (at least in heavy use development) coupled with the fixes and new features, I would certainly seriously consider deploying to production if testing indicates that it will work (keeping in mind its experimental official status)!

  6. One note as far as Servlet\JSP support, etc - I do use Orion with both Sitemesh and Webwork and it has performed briliantly. I know Sitemesh in particular requires Servlet 2.3 compliance (obviously, insofar as it uses it!).

  7. Do you guys test it on lots of configurations ?

    Like, I need deployment on AIX, most probably in cluster of 4-6 JVM's.
    I have 8 x 64bit CPU's to use by app server and I noticed that only one JVM would not use all the power of the machine.

    I did have 2 days ago HEAVY TRAFFIC on the server, like 22000 (!) concurent users, and the server kept blocking, was obviously not able to respond, and I'm thinking of moving to something else now.
    It had not big problems with 2-5000 users; still...

    I used IBM's 64bit jvm; any other recommandations ?

    Lots of thanks.

    Stefan Morcov
  8. Hi Stephan,

    Are you using Orion or OC4J in this situation? I haven't seen Orion on AIX using IBM's 64 bit JVM. I have, however, seen Orion handle more than 5000 concurent users just fine. Repost the question on http://www.elephantwalker.com and http://www.atlassian.com and see if others have any ideas.

  9. Is there a list of the missing features that prevent it from being fully J2EE 1.3 compliant?
  10. "magnusry

    ID: 2316 5:36 AM
    just a tiny warning, in this build some error messages for bad QL descriptors are missing, so it will give you an NPE on deployment. If this happens, double-check your QL:s.
    I will try to put up some more information about the minor new stuff this weekend.

    If you like this build, 1.6.1 will blow your minds :)"

    read this on www.elephantwalker.com (requires free registration).
  11. does anyone explain it?
  12. <quote>
    does anyone explain it?

    Explain what? Stefan's issue?
  13. I think the question is in the subject:

    >what's relation between orion and Oracle AS?

    AFAIK, Oracle threw away its own AS and licensed Orion (when it was at version 1.5.something). Starting from that, both might have gone off in different directions; I don't know the details, though.

    Stefan Tilkov
  14. The code bases are still mostly the same as the Ironflare folks have an active hand in developing each. Oracle has added some additional tags, at least in the orion-ejb-jar.xml area, to handle such things as ejb clustering. The cost, of course, is a major difference ;-)

  15. I am using JDeveloper 9.0.2 I was wondering is the 9.0.3 will support the new Orion server ? Can some one in detail give the difference betwenn OC4J (9iAS) and Orion appserver. By the way I am impressed by the JDeveloper 9i IDE.

  16. Sarwar,
    We haven't done any specific testing with Orion 1.6 from JDeveloper.
    JDeveloper allows to create standard J2EE archives such as ejb.jar,WAR ,Client archives and EAR which you can use to deploy to appservers using their tools/utilities.

    Currently JDeveloper comes with integrated deployment to Oracle9iAS Containers and WebLogic

    JDev Team
  17. I use JDeveloper all the time with Orion - obviously I deploy no Oracle specific components, but it is a great tool and easy to work with - of course, it will be much nicer when it does EJB2.0-style entity beans ;-)

    But yes, as long as you deploy the standard ejb.jar, web.war files, you can deploy to Orion.

  18. JDeveloper 9.0.3 (which is the next release ) supports EJB 2.0 features.

    Some of the new features on EJB 2.0 side are

    EJB Modeler
     - Allows to Model Session, Entity and Message Driven beans
     - Reverse Engineer database tables as Entity Beans
     - Reverse Engineer Foreign Key relationships as CMR
     - Associations between EJB's (EJB-Ref, EJB-local-ref)
     - Auto generation of lookup code for EJB-Refs
    EJB Module Editor
     - UI to Add/Edit/Delete EJB's in ejb-jar.xml
     - Relationships, Methods, CMF ...

    EJB Verifier
     - Verify,Validate ejb-jar.xml
     - Check for inconsistencies between bean and interfaces,

    Note:- This release is planned for this summer (california time)

    JDev Team
  19. Raghu -

    Thanks for the update! I can't wait to get my hands on the next release as it sounds perfect. Typically, I haven't cared too much for IDEs but have been really impressed with JDeveloper.

  20. These guys used to be one of the leaders in j2ee. They would track the public draft specs closely and have implementations before anyone else. Now they seem to be way behind everyone else. I've stopped using them because of this. How long ago did the 1.3 spec come out? And they're just now getting ejbs up to the 2.0 spec. Jsps are still 1.1, so it'll still be a while longer before they get that up to the 1.2 spec. To me, they seem to have
    have lost their edge.
  21. They've had to spend a tremendous amount of time working with Oracle Corp. to help code and get them up to speed over the last year++. They've also done a major re-factoring of the underlying code. I still haven't found a faster J2EE container (personally speaking) - and while the servlet/jsp specs aren't quite there, they are for the most part, and so far I like the 1.6.0 version quite a bit.

    I do hope that they can spend some more time on their own product rather than so much with Oracle - though I suspect that it's Oracle who pays da bills.